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Original Metal with NES sounds

Diseased Project

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8-Bit Metal: It was done in 24 hours on Sunday, 7th of September. The lyrics aren't finished yet, so I guess it takes another week or so to record them. Also, while I'll add them, I will more than likely add more instruments/tweak it more once I hear how the lyrics work in there (I don't wanna drown them).

Therapsid: That's the plan :)

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Alright, it took a while but here's a new version: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/135436/Versio3.mp3 (I skipped one version number ;P)

Includes vocals! (Half of them performed by me, half by my friend, who wrote most of the lyrics. Which are in finnish btw, sorry)

If there's anything that you feel should be fixed, let me know okay? This song kinda has a deadline of 21st for undiscussed reasons so I want it to be as good as possible by then.

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Technically this is not an update, but if anyone wants to keep the track, here it is with correct tags. I'm not planning on updating it anymore.


Also, here are the lyrics in case anyone's interested:


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