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  1. Sounds really cool, but Tindeck is a better site to host and share music
  2. Last track was really cool. A very interesting remix of Hot-Head-Bop theme. Good job
  3. Industrial is one of my favourite kind of music Your stuff is always appreciated by me, you know
  4. It does really sound like a Castlevania level. Good job and good choice, Wario Castle is such a fewly considered track and would deserve more attention. I hope it may be "yessed". CastleWaria wouldn't sound bad as song title, would it?
  5. That would be kind. Thanks. I really like that mix
  6. Sorry if I necropost, but I would really like to hear again this track. Personally i think it sounded very cool, with such a good ambience (intro with clocktower is just awesome). May you repost the file link? Either have you got a your own website where to download?
  7. So am I. I was listening this WIP several times yesterday and sounds cool. Just timely modifcations needed. Keep up the nice work
  8. If you wanna better share, you could use Tindeck.com service. Very easy to use
  9. It's really epic indeed. Close to Audix's skills
  10. Hey, I was wondering what's new about Crocodile Chaos DKC2 OLRemix project... Nice album btw. I look forward for other tracks.
  11. I'm always glad to hear some new stuff from you, Diseased. And also this one rocks
  12. You're right. It is a really interesting tune. I like it
  13. I wonder when OCRemix will decide to YES this remix
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