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That's because you shouldn't do distortion guitars with a sample alone. It is actually much more effective to use a good distortion plugin combined with a sample.

Distortion is an effect that you can't capture properly in a sample. Most synthesizers with a sample-based engine do the same - they simply throw a distortion effect over it.

As for toms, check out http://www.akaipro.com/arc_kotw.html - the Linn drum should have what you need.

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Okay newbies, listen up: There is no such thing as a good distorted/overdriven guitar sample. If anyone tells you they have a good one, they are lying.

You can use generators, such as FL Slayer. But for our poor ears' sake, don't use Slayer. Unless, you are, like, Skaven, or someone else who can just make anything sound good somehow. Sometimes you can get away with using Slayer as a kind of backing rythym guitar thing. It is also very good at sounding like a fake guitar - check out BGC's (that Big Giant Circle's) Unreal Tournament ReMix for an example of that.

Errrrr... back on topic. Right. Yeah! Don't use Slayer. Apparantly, other guitar generators exist that don't suck as much, but you have to pay monies for them.

Another option is to get a clean (undistorted) guitar sample, and then distort it. This can work suprisingly well, depending on the sample, the distortion unit, and piece of music. Try to use a proper Tube amp simulator - I have found Voxengo Boogex works well sometimes.

Your final option is to either learn the guitar or get someone to play it for you. I know, kind of a waste of the guitarist's time if its just going to buryed in the back of a track somewhere, but if you need a lead guitar part, this is strongly reccomended.

Here endeth the lesson.

EDIT: Totally Ninja'ed by Yoozer.

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Hey man. Unfortunately I don't have any sweet Tales guitar samples for you, but if you want, I'd always be ready record whatever you've written with real guitar playing. I specialize in metal. I can play rock and punk too. I'm not too good at jazz. You can come to me to fulfill your metal/rock needs anytime yo. You can send me a message here on OCR if you decide that you want to request something. ^_^

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Hey I'm looking for the shakuhachi flute, can anyone share a soundfont of it? Oh yea, has anyone came across Asian Dreamz, I've downlaoded the VST plug in dll. file and it doesn't seem to work... here is the link:


Looks and sounds so amazing, if anyone has this running or knows why my FL studio 7 won't let it work, please, I need your help haha. I want this sooo much!

Also looking for a good:





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