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Just can't find that dream sound? This is the place to ask. Do everyone a favor and check the last few pages of the thread (at least) to make sure no one has already requested what you're looking for.

Here's a compiled list of many of the resources this thread has come up with.

________Random sights and progs w/ soundfonts and VSTi's______

*Note: Some cost money! but most are free

________________General and Random sites/progs/publishers to google___________

Native Instruments

Halion (prog)

Kontact2 (prog)

Liquid Bundle

Natural Studios



Sonik Synth 2



www.soundsonline.com (pay site)

http://www.espace-cubase.org/anglais/page.php?page=freevsti (VSTi's)


www.kvraudio.com (VSTi's)

http://preromanbritain.com/ymvst/ (atari)



http://www.novakill.com/killerz.htm (vst)


Hammersound.net (sound font website)

Florestan (sound font website)

http://www.findsounds.com (breath sounds)


Plugsound free (guitar stuff? -http://www.ultimatesoundbank.com/usb/exec/demo)


http://www.findsounds.com (sounds, fx)



http://www.homemusician.net/ (sound fonts)

modarchive.com(wav samples)

http://web.hibo.no/~mva/viewreview.php?id=710 (VSTI apparently)


BelaDmedia.com (Demos and what not, check Lyricsl Distortion, DO IT!)


Kick Ass Brass (GREAT!)

Greg Adam' Big Band Brass

Squidfont(soundfonts.darkesword.com also has sfark unpackers! but here too




$Magnus Choir VSTi [v1.0

$$$$East West (Quantum Leap) ($1000+ for some)

http://gdream.n-zone.org/liens/download.php?id=51 (sf)

http://oui.com.br/nando (female)




Vocalplanet (website, just google it)


Realistic Virtual Grand Piano VSTi [ver. 2.1

Bosendorfer 290

http://home.foni.net/~winfried-hubbe/ (click the disk icon at top)


http://www.gsonic.com/maestro/ (rather big piano - decent drumkit also available)



http://www.gbmuk.fsnet.co.uk/soundfonts.html (organ)





http://www.musicmall-asia.com/malaysia/instruments/Erhu/ (oriental)



Garritan Personal Orchestra (VSTi)

Synful Orchestra (VSTi)




http://home.foni.net/~winfried-hubbe/ (click the disk icon at top)


http://www.gsonic.com/maestro/ (rather big piano - decent drumkit also available)



__________wheather effects_________


If these don't work, google the root of the address and it might :D

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Hmm not off the top of my head. I do have a tip about those kindsa bells though. Definately try notes in a lot of ranges -- tubular bells have a very limited range in which they actually sound cool. Too low and they don't have enough punch and too high and they just sound cheapo. I've run across tubular bell sounds where I tried them out and dismissed them as being crappy only to realize later that they WERE good, but only for about an octave.

Also, you're also probably going to have to add some chorus and reverb or delay to get the sound you're looking for, even if it's a good sound font.


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  • 4 months later...

Yes, I noticed. No one answered the question per se, so I decided to step in since it was bumped already. ^^

From what I remember my favorite soundfonts were the ones by Ethan, Fluid, cadenza strings, squidfont, natural studio.

I just deleted most of my soundfonts. I have only about 10 left now. These mostly consist of specialty soundfonts, I don't have the GM/collections anymore as I've upgraded to other stuff. :) The ones I still have are jv inertia, I used this in my Dezoris Winter mix here on OC. Also I like the roland orchestra percussion set, it's at Hammersound. It has some nice orchestral hits. The bennet asia 8850 soundfont is also nice if you're looking for asian percussion. Drums by slavo is nice if you can make do with one with alot of reverb processing. It works for that 80s sound. 8)

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For soundfont pianos the best really are the ones rated highly at Hammersound. Also it does depend what kind of tone you're looking for. I personally like the pianissium (sp?), maganda and clavinova. I used pianissium on my Chrono Trigger and Xenogears mixes posted on OC. I really like the tone of pianissium, but I think it only has one velocity layer and it has a weird faint ringing tone.

Another good one are the clavinovas at http://www22.brinkster.com/guraydere/

Remember the real trick with using piano is good sequencing not the samples.

As for brass soundfonts, squidfont has some of the best ones.

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I've found some fairly good piano soundfonts at the following sites:

http://home.foni.net/~winfried-hubbe/ (click the disk icon at top)


http://www.gsonic.com/maestro/ (rather big piano - decent drumkit also available)

http://exce.ath.cx/~route909/download.html (mirror with files from previous link as well as a larger piano in giga format and some clarinet soundfonts)

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This is for whoever is looking for a decent piano module. It's a VSTi plug-in , not a soundfont (sorry for posting it in a sample/soundfont thread :oops: ). It's around 7 megs ( and that's just for the piano). It's a multi-sampled 4 front piano module. It also consumes very little CPU , and it's free!. Here's where you can find it:


I know it's not a soundfont, but some host applications support VST as well as soundfonts , so it might still come in handy.

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Sykotik, do you really want techo *samples? I mean, sure, you can still do some cool stuff with them, but I'm guessing you're not planning on doing that cool retro tracker stuff. If you have FL, what you want is VSTi for synth, unless for some reason I'm wrong, which I'm not (or if you are lazy, can't figure out how to work VST technology, have technical problems, etc...). Anyway, if you want just a straight answer to your question, you can find a SoundFont called "Oberon" something, it's pretty cool for an SF.

My own question is pretty simple. I think I basically have all the really excellent SoundFonts. I have SquidFont, Piano Giga Steinway, ns_kit, Cadenza, Florestan everything, plus alot of other stuff but that's not what I'm worried about. The deal is, I want to know if there are any lesser-known amazing SoundFonts or sample sets out there. I would hate to miss out just because I am satisfied with my current free SoundFont library; there's plenty of stuff I would still like to have :). So I guess what I'm asking is for recommendations of the highest quality free SoundFonts, because I feel as though I've basically got almost everything worth having, which would make me sad :( so I'm hoping someone has some really amazing link to some amazing little-known and free SF's.

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Try the Cello in Squidfont; I like it alot. Not very expressive, but solid and thick.

As for my request:

I'm looking for ambient samples (soundfonts would be fine, but WAVs preferred). Basically, I just mean non-musical samples, like "whoosh", or "zoop", but not so cheesy :P. Also, more literally ambient stuff like caves and forests and cities and all that. I hate to make comparisons to games or specific songs and all, but if you've ever played Metroid Prime, you've probably heard the kind of stuff I'm talking about (like in the Overworld theme, where not only are there ambient elements but also random cool sound effects that play and then delay).

Request #2:

Tinkly percussion :). You know, like glass breaking, but not actually realistic, I'm just using that as an archetype for the type of sound. The type of sound that can easily replace a hi-hat line, and sounds very cool in many situations. All things welcome, like tambourines and even hi-hats on the tinkly side.

And I have to recommend the "Guray" series of SoundFonts; reminds me of Florestan in that it's a whole big sereis, but it has more, and alot of very high quality stuff (like Marcato strings and a cool accordian). I'll try to find a link, but it shouldnt be too hard to find :). Also, check out the FFIV SoundFont from Zophar.net, it's got some really cool old-school sounding samples, if not always the most useable.

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Sorry for this one, but where can i get Squidfonts?

If you'd like, I'll send it to you - it was a pain to find. PM me if interested.

Anyway, does anyone know of any good free GM soundfonts? I'm looking specifically for one to use with a softsynth (Fluidsynth), as I don't have a hardware synth on this computer. In particular, I'm looking for one with tuned instruments - some GM soundfonts seem to have particular instruments tuned differently than others, which makes for a very poor rendition when they're heard together.

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