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Can Video Games Be Art?

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Video games are most certainly art. Hell, my calculus homework was art. It might be shitty art, it might have no "artistic merit," but it's art because it's not just a matter of "plug in X, receive Y." The only things that aren't really art are those weird programs where there is exactly 1 answer such as "10 PRINT "Hello world!" 20 GOTO 10," and even that's debatable. Anything that requires any creativity is art. Not necessarily great art, but it's still art.

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Video games as art. It's just another speculative non-issue for academics to argue about endlessly, then submit their theories to the masses to stir up more speculative non-issues just so that they can keep a job making wild conjecture that will get them in a book one day.

Well, here's an academic (not a PhD but an academic at heart). Let's argue.

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