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  1. Yes, that's exactly what I'm looking for. I'll contact the guy you suggested. Thanks!
  2. Hey all. Long time no post. I recently had a modder mod my NES front loader with an NESRGB kit. As part of the work, he modded the NES to support expansion audio (such as the VRC6 chip built into Akumajou Densetsu). Unfortunately, I did not have a converter on hand at the time for him to mod to support expansion audio as well. However, now I have this one https://imgur.com/a/vC8ogQi but haven't been able to reach him again. If you're willing and able to mod it shoot me a message. I'll pay! I really really want to play the Japanese version of Castlevania III on my NES, I just need the converter to do it. If you can't do the work yourself but know someone who possibly could, I'd take a recommendation. Thanks!
  3. I was just playing FFIX (which is more graphically intense than FF7) on Mednafen on a 4 year old Mac. I think performance wise I think you'd be alright with Mednafen on Windows on a PC less than five years old. I've heard Mednafen's emulation is more accurate than Sony's PS3 emulation anyhow.
  4. Pretty excited about this. Iga seems to be having a lot of fun. I'm most excited about the fact that this is on a home console. The DS Castlevania's were quite good (and gameplay wise more refined than Symphony of the Night), but they lacked the CD quality instrumentation. They could never quite achieve the atmosphere SotN had because of it. Also, Iga is hyped about having more buttons than the DS could provide. It'll be fun to see what he does with 2 extra buttons this time around. I hope the Nightmare mode does what Portrait of Ruin did and let you cap your level at 1, 25, or 50. Capping your level at 25 provides a pretty good challenge. Capping at 50, meh, capping at 1 is just too annoying. I was quite sad that Order of Ecclesia only gave you the level cap options of 1 and 50.
  5. I really like SMTIV. The first 4 hours or so are known for being very difficult though, and I would say the game is generally harder than your average JRPG. It is not Persona 3/4 by any stretch of the imagination. If you didn't play it when it got released on the DS initially, you need to go buy Radiant Historia. It feels like a lost SNES RPG and is fantastic. It's not a 3DS game, but I like it better than any of the 3DS JRPG's.
  6. I'm a DS1 vet, and I generally really like Bloodborne. I like the tweaks made to the combat and such. I also really enjoy the horror atmosphere. My major complaint with the game is that the Covenants (Oaths) don't really do much. Also, I wish there was a way to turn invasions on without enabling requesting co-op assistance. I want a little chaos in my game, not help. There's nothing like being completely lost in an area and then some asshole invades you and you have to fight them or else get you get sent back to square one. Difficulty-wise, it's really hard to say. Certain bosses gave me lots of trouble, other didn't. My first character was Strength based using the axe. My second character is Skill/Bloodtinge based and everything is a bit harder. Nothing was as hard as the Taurus Demon was for me in DS1 but that was just me getting used to how Souls games work. I think the game could've used a little more time in the oven. The lack of fleshed out Covenants kind of makes me want to go buy DS2. I was late to the DS1 game and went straight from it to Bloodborne so DS2 is still new to me.
  7. My biggest problem with this game is that it felt much more like a western game than a JRPG. Between the waymarkers guiding you everywhere, cover points to regenerate MP, and clearly delineated warp points on conveniently placed metal towers, I felt like I was playing Assassin's Creed or Gears of War, not Final Fantasy. Most of the level progression and character management system in the game is (hopefully) locked off in the demo which really makes it hard to get a feel for how JRPG'y it actually is. Waymarker and leading the player by the nose make me feel like I'm constantly in a tunnel. Instead of doing a big open world kind of thing, I'd prefer smaller, more tightly designed, memorable areas. See Dark Souls, FFX, or FFVII for how to do this.
  8. I've been enjoying Bug Princess (Mushihimesama) on my iPhone. Several of Cave's shooters are available on iPhone and Android. Shoot 'em ups work surprisingly well on cellphones since they just auto mash the fire button for you freeing you up to navigate your ship with the touch screen. Depending on how "pure" of an experience you want, you can configure Cave's shooter cell phone ports to also auto-bomb for you when a bullet is getting ready to hit you. And there is no Pay to Win garbage in any of them.
  9. I've only been able to finish one of her videos because they are so incredibly tedious and she doesn't really engage in much constructive criticism. It's like watching someone read a TV tropes page to you aloud in the most boring manner possible. I skimmed the others and have found her videos to be overwhelmingly examples of how women are treated badly ad nauseum. I'm not a game maker (aspiring writer type), but I found the Extra Credits video about how to handle women in games much more useful from a creative improving my fiction standpoint. Also, I feel like her videos lack a bit of soul. She never talks much about her personal reaction to games very much. I'm convinced that's because she's not really into games as she stated in the clip in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcPIu3sDkEw She also doesn't seem to be aware of any games besides the AAA types. Unfortunately, all the hater asshole death threat types have escalated the conversation to the point where you can't criticize her videos without being branded some sort of misogynist. I'd love to see more media investigation into the clip above, but any website that questioned her gamer cred would get boycotted by the social justice warriors.
  10. I was a bit concerned about this myself since MMO style quests like this was one of the reasons I quit playing Xenoblade Chronicles. However, I read that the actual game isn't like this at all. The sidequests are apparently lengthy affairs with their own stories and characters. The rewards for most sidequests is unlocking new jobs.
  11. Any other Final Fantasy fans excited about Bravely Default? It comes out for the 3DS in the US on Friday February 7. I pre-ordered and took the day off work I'm so hyped. If you haven't heard, Bravely Default is a throwback to old school Final Fantasy, but it's not burdened with the Final Fantasy name. It implements a version the FF3/FF5 jobs system. You can also mix and match passive abilities from other classes ala Final Fantasy Tactics. The plot doesn't like it'll be terribly memorable but aesthetically it seems strong on the old school charm. You'll be awash in Black Mages, Curaga's, and Fire spells, but not zippers. The music's damn good too Battle Theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7a-8pqvm298&list=PLoAc5hlnzY88S2bD7CHTZIDqlQ_wI2oIN Sidequest Boss Battle Theme: One thing that is kind of nice is you can configure things like random encounter rate, difficulty, and whether you get experience and job points from battle. That way, you can side quest, explore, and experiment with jobs to your hearts content without completely killing the difficulty like most JRPGs. The demo is around 3 hours long and really seems to give you a feel for the game so you should totally check it out. If I sound like a Square Enix shill, I'm really hoping this game does well. The game industry is starting to get like the 1990's again where JRPG's are no longer guaranteed to be brought over to the US (Valkyria Chronices 3, anyone?). Square wasn't even going to originally release Bravely Default in the US. So, here I am on an Internet forum trying to get more people interested in the game so I still have JRPG's to play.
  12. I personally think some of this tracks the decline of Japanese games in the West. A lot of those beloved soundtracks (not all, but a lot) were made by Japanese composers. Western games tend to favor a more ambient music profile. The World Ends with You, Radiant Historia, Valkyria Chronicles, Xenoblade Chronicles, and BlazBlue are all Japanese games made during the PS3/360/Wii/DS years. Unfortunately, they aren't really that popular in the US so hardly anyone knows about their amazing soundtracks. If I want a game with a loud soundtrack that evokes a strong mood in me, I play a Japanese one, generally.
  13. Here's a cool quote from Ira Glass, host of the radio show This American Life that seems relevant to this thread. He's talking about making stories, but it applies just as well to making music.
  14. Why? Are the Nintendo Police going to send him to a Wii U Gulag? What laws did this guy violate? I'm sure the store is in trouble, but I don't get what Nintendo can do to this guy besides offer him enough money to make him sell his copy back to make him stop leaking things.
  15. This post was sparked my a comment on Kotaku related to GTA V. I saw someone assert that they didn't like the GTA series but "not because I'm opposed to violent games or anything like that." I've also seen tons of gamers online go after anyone (usually in the news media) who questions whether violent games cause people to be more violent in real life. It seems like comfort with virtual violence is often a signal people use to show they are part of the gaming community. I was watching a friend play Spec Ops: The Line, and as I watched him aim and fire at a human target, I found myself a little skeezed out. I'm 28, and it seems like the older I get the less interest I have in games that operate on gun violence, particularly after Sandy Hook. Is anyone else around here a gamer who is not 100% comfortable with every kind of game violence? Give me a game where I'm throwing lightning and fire at monsters, and I'll play it all day. Give me an MGS or a Deus Ex and I'll do a pacifist run. But games with realistic gun violence where I can't find a way around it don't interest me. Up until I watched my friend playing Spec Ops, it's been less of a conscious decision and more of a trend that I noticed only upon reflection. At the risk of sounding like a kid who is unwilling to state a firm opinion on the Internet, I'm not trying to make an argument about what games should or should not be made. I support Freedom of Speech even when it's speech that personally displeases or disturbs me. I'm just seeing if there any like-minded gamers who aren't in love with violent video games within a dedicated gaming community.
  16. So far I've seen nothing but enthusiasm from the Mega Man crowd. I think everyone realizes that Mega Man is dead for the time being. In my fantasy world, Inafune makes a bunch of money during his solo career, Capcom's stock tanks, and he returns Steve Jobs style to revive the company. I wish Iga would quit Konami and go make a Castlevania knock off since Konami appears to be done with the old Castlevania series Iga had stewarded. MMZ and ZX are actually pretty good unless you are 100% married to the traditional Mega Man formula. MMZ is actually my favorite Mega Man games. They have 2D twitchiness, high difficulty (if you go for S rank), an awesome soundtrack, and a halfway decent story. ZX is not as good but not terrible either. I'd say they are "real" Mega Man games, just not the classic formula. They still have robot masters whose abilities you steal. Capcom just never seemed to market the games very well in the US. I didn't play any of them until YEARS after their initial release.
  17. Final Fantasy Tactics 2 by Yasumi Matsuno, the man behind Final Fantasy Tactics.
  18. Whenever I'm at random big box store and get prompted about their Reward Card, I say "No thanks" and nothing else is said. At Gamestop it's always "Are you sure? If you buy a lot of games it's worth it." Every. single. time. No matter what city I'm living in. So yeah. I don't care if the corporation is a dick or the employees are dicks. I do a minimal amount of business with Gamestop because I find the experience unpleasant. It's not my problem that corporate makes their employees be annoying.
  19. I don't like GameStop because I always feel harassed. They always are trying to get me to pre-order shit or accept one of their magic plastic cards. The only reason I ever shop there is if I don't feel like waiting on Amazon to ship one of my obscure weeaboo games that only Gamestop carries. Here's two example conversations of nonsense I've had to deal with while trying to buy something at Gamestop: http://overthinkingthingss.tumblr.com/post/56052192917/awkward-conversations-with-gamestop-employees-pt-1 http://overthinkingthingss.tumblr.com/post/56459044455/awkward-conversations-with-gamestop-employees-part-2 I'm not sure if they are lonely or just hard up for a pre-order. I particularly don't like the guy that seemed to call my taste in games into question.
  20. I'm not sure I want to play an extreme challenge FF Tactics but a harder one would be nice. Most RPG's give you a cool system, but if you actually bother to learn it, the game becomes too easy. The main story path also becomes too easy if you walk off of it to do available sidequests. Tactics doesn't have a lot of actual sidequests, but if you try to explore all the jobs as you play, your main character level will end up being higher than what the story path enemies can field. I would prefer a Final Fantasy Tactics that expects you to learn the system and exploit it if you want to win. SMT: Devil Survivor is a great example of a turn based strategy game that does this. Simply grinding won't let you win. You have to figure out the system to progress. It's not a cheap hard difficulty, what makes the game hard is that the AI exploits the game's system almost as much as an actual human player would. It's a difficult game, but the rush I got when I finally beat the final boss was like nothing else. I could really feel all the hardships my characters had been through to achieve their victory.
  21. Yeah, Xenoblade is super overrated. I put 25 hours into it and quit. The fetch quests were lame and the item management is some of the worst I've ever seen. Every character has five main equipment slots and each of those pieces of equipment has gem slots. Also, each character has eight skill slots. Multiply this by the five party members I had at the time and it's a nightmare. It doesn't help that the the game CONSTANTLY dumps new items on you. I would ignore them, then every hour or so spend 20 minutes equipping the shit I had picked up. And my characters would feel no stronger. So, I sold it. I got back the $50 I paid. I really wished I had hung on to it for another six months. I could've quadrupled my investment. I really don't recall item management being such a problem with FF12. FF12 didn't constantly dump minor equipment upgrades on me. Also, Matsuno wrote the scenario for FF12 which means it had a delicious political story. Xenoblade's soundtrack was great though and what got me interested in the game in the first place.
  22. The calls Xbox Customer Service are getting could be worse, I'm sure: http://overthinkingthingss.tumblr.com/post/53019008292/hey-you-know-voltron-65 http://overthinkingthingss.tumblr.com/post/53019379680/yeah-i-got-bubble-gum-stuck-in-my-nintendo http://overthinkingthingss.tumblr.com/post/53019356979/alright-buddy http://overthinkingthingss.tumblr.com/post/53019339815/all-sports-time-all-time-basketball-staaars http://overthinkingthingss.tumblr.com/post/53019296662/it-be-makin-a-chicka-clicka-sound
  23. The software industry is having a problem right now filling positions. It goes far beyond games. One of my college friends is a manager who does a lot of hiring, and he has people walk away from $75,000 because hiring is so competitive right now. They walk because either they can get better pay elsewhere, they don't like his company's corporate culture, or just because his company doesn't have national name recognition. Unlike most other parts of the economy, things are running in the favor of the people looking for jobs. There just wasn't enough kids studying programming in college after the tech bubble burst back in the early 2000's. The software industry is currently lobbying the US government to up the cap on skilled worker visas to try to fill the positions and drive wages back down. tl;dr It's not that salaries are beyond what people are worth. It's what the market will bear for people with that skill set.
  24. And what I mean by "all-purpose" is that I'd like to use them for music listening at work and home, gaming, and TV watching. Online gaming is fairly rare for me so I don't really care about that use case. Must haves -Bluetooth capability -Good battery life (at least 10 hours would be nice) -Wired capability -Noise cancelling -Covers the entire ear -Durability. I'd like to get at least 5 years of life out of these puppies Cannots -Cannot look l337 (i.e. this stuff http://www.geeky-gadgets.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/psyko-51-gaming-headphones_1.jpg) -No mic stuck to the side of it. Would be nice -If it used standard rechargeable batteries (AAA's, AA's, etc.) So, does anyone have experience with any headphones that are mostly what I'm looking for? My maximum price range is the $300's. Also, I'm not an audiophile so as long as it sounds great to a typical person, it'll probably sound great to me.
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