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  1. Dondopachi in Bleach will have to get a new seiyuu. That's gonna be awkward.
  2. I-n-j-i-n


    I really liked the movie, though in terms of its plot, Dances With Wolves was THE Indian-integration movie by comparison. And some parts of the action scenes simply did not make any sense (mainly the animal taming parts... so a ponytail connection = all problems going away?). The 3D effects were great even though I probably watched it in the least quality 3D format. Oh, and the entire battle scenes just reminds me what would happen when Terrans in Starcraft meets with the Night Elves in Warcraft.. And just like Nightelves, they take their entire livelihood from the World Tree (or their version of it) and they are stark blue.. Also, EPIC FLYING MOUNTS. Oh, and can't wait for How to Train Your Dragon. Loved the people who worked on Kung Fu Panda and the 3D looked amazing for the CG cartoons.
  3. Leading a small barbarian tribe from the Netherlands to take on all the world's empires and somehow dominate the entire world.... with barbarians in Rome Total War. Took 100 hours of working and when I destroyed all the enemies on the map, it was so shocking I couldn't help it. lol
  4. It says something when I got the 360 demo, it was still fun even while being amazingly laggy. I still wish they update Source so it doesn't look like a 5-6 year old game engine it is. It just looks ancient. But I'm still most scared about the lag. Might finally get it if they fix it 100%.
  5. Amazing game, though I don't agree that the platforming really mounted to much. Way too automatic and there's no sense of using real skill to jumping from one thing to the next. Great cinematic sense though. But none of the challenges like in the older Tomb Raider games.
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    Sony PS3

    Oh, and as for Chapter 14 in Valkyria Chronicles, there's an awfully obvious exploit you can do... Very, very obvious. Otherwise, it's best to advance with multiple units in a unified front where the enemies come from the south. From there, you need to blitzkrieg with the tank mortar and a LOT of sniper fire (have an engineer replenish the ammunition after the third sniper shot).
  7. I-n-j-i-n

    Sony PS3

    I liked the Bayonetta demo too, but the 360 one is apparently the 'flawless edition' since it runs much faster, has sharper textures, brighter colors and no massive screen tearing of the PS3 version. I actually tried out both versions, but the PS3 port is broken beyond compare when next to the 360 version. Sega did an awful job porting it. Otherwise, it really is a spiritual successor to DMC and it feels a lot more brutal too.
  8. I-n-j-i-n

    Sony PS3

    Valkyria Chronicles only made me sad in that it felt too short by the end, even though I apparently put in 55 hours in it. Just shows the quality of a game when you don't realize you're pushing into 100 hours of gameplay without much realizing it. And I thought I breezed through the game. Still haven't finished any side missions at that.. Also, the finale is just very touching. This game needs a sequel, and when it does, people need to buy more copies of it.
  9. Nice to see they didn't patronize too much or dumb down or archetype TKD when making Juri a totally evil character.
  10. Out of maybe 20 anime series for the summer, I'd rank Haruhi season 2 near the bottom. Extreme amount of hype for a middling show. At least other middling shows had likable characters.
  11. I love how Haruhi season 2, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 and Phantom trolled its viewers HARD. Yuuki in Tokyo Magnitude was dead for like 7 episodes. lol
  12. Wow. Even framed some weird internet memes. I have truly valuable AUTOGRAPHED anime goods (by the actual manga writers) and I don't have them framed >_>;;
  13. I really wish this game was released as a DLC for $30 or a standalone disc pack, because the mappacks, I don't really need. And I have $400 worth of games I want this holiday. oy vey.
  14. Meh. I think FLCL is vastly overrated. Only a few episodes and mind-freak style animation and storytelling. Just watch the three Aria series and see why EXTREME visuals don't always equal great anime. Also, if you like Blood and Gore in an anime.... you should watch Shigurui.. You'll probably end up gagging from all the horrors in that show.. I almost regret watching Shigurui..
  15. I absolutely loved Full Color's. Cute with a lot of character quirks. It's like a way more laid back version of Azumanga. Hyakko feels somewhat familiar too.
  16. The thing about 00 was that it isn't finished. They're making a movie for summer 2010. That should bring about a lot of the potential they were missing. The second half of 00's second season was too focused on copying the horrible soap opera that was Zeta Gundam. No anime needs to copy Zeta Gundam. Ever. Lots of teenage whining and shallow romances.
  17. I thought it was cool until they decided to stretch that out for 4 episodes and also with one of the most cliche final episodes I've ever seen in an anime. For deaths done RIGHT, watch Valkyria Chronicles.
  18. Eureka 7 probably has one of the most hip soundtracks ever. Also the core themes in the series are quite epic and done orchestrally. The movie version has some really amazing tunes too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YxWyHvyWxA
  19. I don't know about anime being realistic, but they have much more liberty to experiment than almost any other medium and still be accepted in the mainstream for it. Also, since it IS animation, there usually are none of the celebrity image politics game like in many actual TV shows. Though there's still some seiyuu/voice actor drama.
  20. LBP is all about user created maps. Too bad most of them are pretty bad. There are some really amazing stuff in the cracks though.
  21. I do. It has a great atmosphere, even if it feels a bit too shonen-ish. There's a LOT of training for the Bishop exam and all... Otherwise it's a pretty good watch. Though it's one of like 40 anime I'm following..
  22. While I still love the 2D Sonic Advance titles (and Sonic Rush) and Unleashed, I do have to say it's an acquired taste now. If you want truly great platforming, get Littlebigplanet, Mario Galaxy or Ratchet and Clank. Or just buy Banjo Kazooie and Tooie on XBLA like me and get something crazy like 50 amazing hours of gameplay out of it. Yes, it's running fast, avoiding some pitfalls and enemy placements and getting better times and getting cryptic items along the way. Typical Sonic. It probably is very difficult to update that formula into something as thoughtfully made as the slower platformers. And that's more or less Sonic. If you have 'outgrown' that type of gameplay, then go ahead. I would admit that the gameplay just can't change much for the better for the most part, unless they manage to slow down Sonic and somehow make the gameplay as deep as something like Banjo Kazooie's. Which to me is an impossibility.
  23. I honestly loved Unleashed to bits. Even the werewolf bits were pretty entertaining at spots, even if it isn't Sonic gameplay. But the actual speedy Sonic gameplay in that game was similar to some of the best Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 levels. I don't know why people actually bash that game really. Though I wish they didn't release more DLC levels. That was annoying. Though actually worth it IMO.
  24. I don't mind L4D2 either. And honestly, in this age of DLCs everywhere, does this really surprise anyone? I find it hilarious that the so called 'hardcore' L4D players and PC elitists find it so hard to swallow especially when you'd think they'd be used to this by now. At least it's not as bad as many PS3-add-ons that goes anywhere from $15-$50+(Disgaea 3) for the DLC packs. May as well go with a new game if they have to pile on the DLCs that way. ODST is a pretty smart move by Bungie from that line of thought as well. Same for the GTA4 episodes.
  25. I guess that just shows how self sufficient XBLA has become. It has come a very long way since Geometry Wars was the star game they had. Now I play XBLA more than Wii/Wiiware/PSN and PS3 overall.
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