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Red Alert 3 is out


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My bro and I are having fun playing the Co-Op campaign mode. Having some good laughs at the things we do. I have to say I really like the game though I do believe it is a game on its own. I can't say this is a Red Alert game. It's more like C&C Generals with a bit of humor and Red Alert units. Regardless I'm having fun but here's some things I wish would have stayed the same from RA2.

  • Nuclear Weapon (The vaccum thing is ok but nothing tops launching a nuke and seeing everything go BOOM plus watching little guys melt. No Einstein means no nukes. :(
  • Apocalypse Tanks being able to shoot up. Sea Scorpion from Red Alert 2. This is something I'd really love to considering the next point...
  • Soviets Air Defense is the worst...practically nonexistant. Soviet flak cannons are pretty weak so you have to settle for flak troopers. I don't know if this is part of the whole balance thing they had in mind but compared to the other factions the Soviet air defense sucks. How many times have I fought naval battles or sometimes land battles where my units are ranked high but some lame little enemy helicopter takes them out because there is no vehicle that attacks air units unless you consider the weak bullfrog. You need to build like 10 of those and at their price it's not worth it in my opinion

Other things I wish they would have kept from RA2 but I suppose they want to take things in a new direction.

Now if I can only get Network working...grr @ that weird error message I get.

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