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  1. Sounds like good advice to me. I'll try it out and I'll stick with the 35mm lens however you say in the long run look into something else but that depends on the type of photography no? Macro for small things, Telephoto for things really far (good for taking pics at a sports event I guses), wide angle lens for I guess landscapes? So many to choose from!
  2. Black Mage are you using macro lens? I've recently purchased a Canon EOS Rebel XS to start off with photography as a new hobby. So far I only have the default 35mm lens kit and using default settings however I want to get better and use my own ISO settings and exposure and all to have more control over my pictures. There's not much to take pics of here in miami (as far as landscape goes) to get sweet pictures so in the meantime I'm practicing with the easiest of things, plants and flowers...not exactly the most manly thing but meh....I'm just starting out. Any tips would be welcomed.
  3. One of the best movies I've seen in a long time. Worth watching (not for the squeamish). I really hope a sequel isn't made as I believe it would just turn into another predictable hollywood movie. The ending for the movie was awesome imo. I loved it.
  4. I played the demo. I will play the retail. Everyone get it.
  5. I've tried songbird beta and found it to be a good app but I still prefer MediaMonkey. I feel it has a lot more features and is easier to use. You can find it here: http://www.mediamonkey.com/ if you wanna give it a try. If I hadn't found this I'd probably be using Songbird but to each his own. Just thought it was worth mentioning. I'll give the official release a try and see if I prefer it now. Thanks for the ifno.
  6. Please remove my wants as I've already got them all now. Thanks.
  7. What is the bit rate on the cd baby mp3's? I see the price is less but I take it that's because you won't have a physical cd nor the cd quality sound? If so I rather purchase the cd even though it's too late for pre-orders. Pardon my noobness in this area.
  8. I'd prefer VBR but I'm not much of an audiophile so any format will do as long as it's not crap.
  9. I'll definitely be ordering it today when I get home. My only complaint...I wish there were more songs even if it cost more. That voice is incredible so naturally I wanna hear more of it. I'm sure my mom will love this cd. She's crazy about Christmas music.
  10. I'm having the most fun with this game. I always find a server to join whether it is a game in progress or joining a chat lobby the games are quickly set up and you're up and running and killing zombies in no time. I have no complaints about this game but just about the people I end up playing with. They're not jerks...they just suck! I always end up looking out for everyone but then when I'm in trouble they leave me for dead...which...is pretty much the name of the game..but anyway it'd be nice to survive the last stage of No Mercy for once. Just need to find people that actually do teamwork.
  11. Well I bought it this weekend for $40 at Circuit City. If anybody wants to add me on steam then my id is anthonium for Left 4 Dead. I use another ID for Team Fortress 2. Hope to survive the zombie apocalypse with some of you.
  12. There's an OCR group on steam for any who would like to join: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ocremix
  13. Once you play as Dr. Manhattan everything's over.
  14. You singing Walking in the Air = Instant Win Beautiful voice.
  15. My bro and I are having fun playing the Co-Op campaign mode. Having some good laughs at the things we do. I have to say I really like the game though I do believe it is a game on its own. I can't say this is a Red Alert game. It's more like C&C Generals with a bit of humor and Red Alert units. Regardless I'm having fun but here's some things I wish would have stayed the same from RA2. Nuclear Weapon (The vaccum thing is ok but nothing tops launching a nuke and seeing everything go BOOM plus watching little guys melt. No Einstein means no nukes. Apocalypse Tanks being able to shoot up. Sea Scorpion from Red Alert 2. This is something I'd really love to considering the next point... Soviets Air Defense is the worst...practically nonexistant. Soviet flak cannons are pretty weak so you have to settle for flak troopers. I don't know if this is part of the whole balance thing they had in mind but compared to the other factions the Soviet air defense sucks. How many times have I fought naval battles or sometimes land battles where my units are ranked high but some lame little enemy helicopter takes them out because there is no vehicle that attacks air units unless you consider the weak bullfrog. You need to build like 10 of those and at their price it's not worth it in my opinion Other things I wish they would have kept from RA2 but I suppose they want to take things in a new direction. Now if I can only get Network working...grr @ that weird error message I get.
  16. Well Hallowween is practically over but here's a must: PsychoUnderpants by djpretzel http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR00467/
  17. Well apparently EA has fixed the online problem. As far as the game goes...I really like it, especially Co-op campaign with a friend (not the AI). It really focuses on teamwork. So far I'm playing the soviet campaign and on easy and we're screwing up on what is supposed to be a simple mission. lol
  18. All I have to say is...wtf I just got Vista early this year. Windows 7 intrigues me
  19. Though I have waited for this game for a long time I can't say I blame those who will not purchase it. Personally I am happy with the game despite the following: 1) Securom (though I didn't care now since I already had it thanks to F.E.A.R. and Spore) 2) Many people have already encountered this problem (myself included). It turns out that many manuals only printed 19 digits of the serial instead of the 20 required to install the game. EA's solution: Call customer support (who knows how long they'd take to respond considering many having mentioned problem) or Find the last serial yourself by going through the digits 1-9 and the letters a-z. I settled for the latter. Unfortunately for me my last digit was W so it took me a pretty damn good while to get it. Despite the right to be pissed, I decided to consider it as a lil mini game just to keep my cool. 3) At the moment, online play will give some people (again myself included) the message "Invalid Serial" because EA or whoever the hell is in charge of the online part of RA3 has yet to update the database or some crap so that it realizes the serial is actually valid. According to a mod at EA forums the problem should be resolved by tomorrow. Here's hoping it is. Despite the above mentioned crap, the actual game is fun but again I wouldn't blame people for putting it off because I still can't shake the feeling that the Command and Conquer franchise will never be as good as it was when it was in Westwood's hands. EA...grr...
  20. Sucks man because this looks like it'll be one hell of a fun game. I'm surprised not many people have post about it here. Perhaps the whole securom thing has pushed people away from purchasing it. Oh well. I'll enjoy it!
  21. Heh I'm in my lunch just reading about the game. Edited my previous post asking about the music. I figure anything missing now will show up in the inevitable expansion pack that will be released.
  22. By "the same old uninspired filler bgm" what are you comparing it to? Red Alert 2? Because I thought the music there was not AWESOME but fit in well with the game. As of the game itself, how would you compare it with Red Alert 2? Better? Worse? Or more of the same with prettier graphics?
  23. My brother and I pre-ordered it as well. Picking it up today after work (which is where I am right now. haha). I've been looking forward to this game for the longest time. I haven't wanted a game so bad for a long time. Once I get it set up I'll post my screenname. By the way when you say play online do you mean go co-op for the campaign? or multiplayer skirmish matches? Or both? HELL MARCH 3!!! WOOT!
  24. I need an update as well. I have sold my two wavebirds to the lucky BardicKnowledge for $33 so they are no longer available. I believe he'll be receiving them tomorrow.
  25. Do you think it's possible to establish some sort of feedback on the first post for successful sales? This way, in the future people know they're dealing with someone good. Our own lil ebay type of thing I guess. Like whoever buys posts in this forum that it was a success and any other details, then it'll be posted on the first post like "so and so: 2 successful sales to "so and so" and "so and so". I dno. Just a thought.
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