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Battle Of Olympus music


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Hello, I made a little piece a while ago:


( Source:


Don't mind the production, the basslines and sounds, everything's incomplete.

I'm having trouble deciding what do to after that, should it be a medley-type, introducing some other song from the game, which one etc. The song doesn't contain much interpretation so far, but maybe I'll figure something out.

Feel free to comment, thanks!

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This is nice, and if I may say so, almost soothing, except for the bass, which as you said was incomplete.

Well, if you want this to make it to OCR, then stay away from making a medley. You can add different melodies if you think they would mesh with your first source tune, but a full out medley where the song suddenly takes a different turn would not be accepted.

If anything, try to interpret the source a little more. Other then that, I look forward to an update (with better quality bass:-o) Great work, and keep it up!

Edit: Wow, I just looked at the source tune link you provided, and for a second I completely mistook it for Zelda II. Its practically the same thing! But at least there is different music to be remixed:grin:

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It may be best just to expound upon the melody you have already been working on. It is complex enough that you don't have to worry too much about reusing it. Overall, I like the form. just finish what you have already started and work a little on varying those drums and like you said, the bass. I don't think that the song needs to change directon very much. It just needs a finished middle section, a good ending, and some production production fixes. Like I said, I would stick with the melody you are already using to finish the song.


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This could be pretty good when it's more developed. The combination of woodwinds and rock is pretty, so you've definitely got a good concept here. You might want to write some more interpretive material for the rest of the track, but if you keep wrking on it, I have no doubt it'll be enjoyable.

I'll also echo the medley warning. OCR's standards of interpretation and cohesive arrangement have gone up since most medleys have been posted, so make sure it flows well between sources if you do go the medley route. Good luck.

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