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Various remixs, Zelda, No More Heroes, Goldeneye, Mario, Godlen Sun,...


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After listening to a few of these, my first impression is that there's generally too much reverb. However, I really like your song selection and all the ones I listened to are interesting to listen to and do well to tribute the source.

If you wanted to get any of this on OCRemix you'd have to consider seriously expanding upon the originals. I'm not a huge fan of your instrument choice, or perhaps it's the production. The samples, when used many times consecutively, begin to feel rather samey and artificial. This cheapens the sound of your mix and doesn't do your work justice.

Some of your mixes have some original interpretation, like Song of Time for instance, and I think you're doing very well at that. Keep it up. There's no reason why you couldn't buckle down and churn something out that OC Remix would love. There's plenty of helpful folks in these forums that know more than I do that could really help you mature your music.

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As MrSneak said, you do tend to add a little too much reverb to your songs, but I think you are totally heading in the right direction. I really liked your interpretations of Gerudo Valley and Temple of Time, staying true to the originals while adding your own flair and style. Keep it up, and you'll make it onto OCR in no time.

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MrSneak and ninjabob333, yes that's right, I fully agree. I use too much reverb on almost all musics :P Some musics are fast made and so not good quality... It depends all on how much time I spend on the remix :) For example, No More Heroes (1 week, more than 20 hours), Gerudo Valley (about 10 hours). It's the same for Temple of Time but I'm not satisfied with the end. I have to rework this someday.

Zombie : You are right, the guitar sounds strange at the beginning :\

Now I'm working on a remix from Shenmue (for me the best game ever made) and I want to make another remix from Ocarina of Time but I can't decide wich one... Any advise ?

PS : sorry for my english, it's not my best language :)

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Hmm, for Ocarina of Time, it doesn't really seem like anyone has done the Water Temple theme, which has always been one of my favourites.

I also really enjoyed your various Mario remixes, especially the Mario Kart ones. I loved the way you incorporated the voices into the songs, you pulled it off pretty well.

And as for your English, it's pretty good. What's your native language, if you don't mind me asking?

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My two native languages are French and Macedonian, but I can speak German, Bulgarian and Serbo-Croatian to. And you ?

I think, I will try to make a remix from Zelda - Bolero of Fire. It's a little melodie so I have to add my own melodies to it, that's a big challenge :). Then the little music which you hear when you are in the garden of the Hyrule's Castle (when you have to hide from the guards to reach Zelda). I will see for the Water Temple theme ;)

Did you heard the end of Zelda MM's - Song of Healing :) ?

If you like the Punch-Out's theme, hear this : http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=T4C_d0Un0Lo

and this : (sorry for the crappy sound) I fired up the keyboard with improvisation xD


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Salut !

Je ne suis pas un remixeur professionel, mais je peux quand même dire que je trouve certains de tes remix bien pensés et bien faits ! (mon préféré est Greens Greens:-P)

Je dirais que tu devrais te concentrer sur un remix d'une chanson que tu aimes particulièrement, pour le soumettre aux juges, qui eux sont des experts, ils te donneront des conseils. Je suis sûr qu'un jour tu auras des remix publiés !:<

Comme les autres te l'on fait remarquer, je trouve qu'il y a un peu trop de reverberation/echos. Je te conseille aussi de jouer avec l'egalisation pour donner à ta chanson l'effet desiré.

Continue comme ça !!!

PS. ton Anglais est excellent !

Hi !

(I am going to translate, so nobody feels left out !:<)

I am not a professional remixer, however I think that certain of your remixes are quite well thought and well done ! (My favourite being Greens Greens:-P)

I'd say you should concentrate on a remix of a particular song you like, so you can submit it to the judges, who are experts. They'll give theirs advices for you to improve your skills. I am sure that someday one of your remixes will be accepted !

As others said, I think there is too much reverb/echoes, also, i suggest that you should play with equalization.

Keep it up ! You're doing great !

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Merci Brome :)! Mon but n'est pas nécessairement d'être publié sur ocremix, mais quand j'aurai pas mal de remixs peut-être :). Je veux simplement avoir des avis, ce qui va me permettre de m'améliorer et surtout ça motive de lire que des gens aime ce que tu fais :). Voici deux mélodies personnelles. J'en ai plus de 400 dans des disquettes midis qui prennent la poussière depuis quelques années^^. Dis moi ce que t'en pense ;).

Thank you Brom! Now, I dont' want to be published on ocremix but maybe someday :). I want to read opinons and it can help me to became better. It motivated me to read that peoples like what I make. Here are two personnal melodies, tell me what do you think of them.



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Oh wow, that's a lot of languages. I myself only speak English and am slightly fluent in Spanish, but I'm learning Japanese at the moment, and plan to learn Russian and German after that.

Your personal melodies are very pretty. I would love to see them worked into a remix of some sort, or a longer version of your own creation. They might even work as added melodies to the Bolero of Fire, too.

As for the ending for MM's Song of Healing, it seemed like it was going into another song, or at least giving the opportunity for a sequel of sorts. Very nice.

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