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Game-based love songs


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Seeing as Valentine's Day isn't far away, it would be nice if someone could remix certain videogame tracks and add lyrics to turn them into romantic songs. Some suggestions:

Sonic 2 ending - actually based on a real love song called "Sweet Dream" but maybe a remix with different lyrics

Sonic 3 Icecap Zone - this tune has been remixed to death but a lyrical love song is definitely in order

Sonic & Knuckles Lava Reef Zone - already done with "Lover Reef" but should be done again with less cheesy lyrics (Lover Reef is still a great track though)

Sonic & Knuckles Hidden Palace Zone

Sonic 2 Sky Chase Zone

Sonic & Knuckles Sky Sanctuary Zone

Sonic 1 Starlight Zone

Sonic 3D Blast Volcano Valley Zone (Genesis version)

Metroid Prime Phendrana Drifts

Metroid Prime 2 Hydro Dynamo/Super Metroid Red Brinstar - my ex and I liked the original tune so much we called it "our song"

SSX Finished Symphony (Untracked)

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I've actually been meaning to make a remix of bubble man's theme from mega man 2 in the same style as toni braxton's "unbreak my heart" for years but never gotten around to it. I think it would sound great! I don't know if I'll ever actually make one though...

Anyway, even if someone made a remix for valentine's day now and submitted it TODAY it wouldn't be posted on the site until NEXT valentine's day (2010), at the rate things are going here.

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