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New Chiptune - A Voluntary Beating


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I made this song back in December 2008 right before MAGFest. This is my first song to work in 7/4 time signature, but it also contains remnants of 4/4 as well. The .mp3 is meant to loop.

Here's a video for you people who don't know how to run trackers or own a Mac.

http://dj17nario.googlepages.com/AVoluntaryBeating.it - Open-source, original file. Best played/edited in ModPlug Tracker.


Let me know what you think! Enjoy!

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Really, I like the name you've got there... I don't know why, though...

Nice chiptune there. I love that old NES sound, and this fits the bill. I really like how you reserved the triangle for a treble sound later rather than use it for the bass. It's different.

Nice work!

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