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  1. Has a really interesting harmony to it - it's like it's not constrained to any traditional flow, but it still works, y'know? Good luck getting over the last 5% of polish, it sounds cool.
  2. ALBUM UPDATE: This album will be resubmitted to OCR on July 13th, so that is the final final cutoff date for anyone who still would like to participate. After that there will be no more accepted submissions. I thank everyone who has shown continued interest in this project, and look forward to this chapter in OCR's history being closed. Let's end it on a high note, everyone!
  3. I agree once again with Darksword that this isn't a violation of 4.3 in the standards, but of 4.1, which is as follows: The issue isn't that there isn't enough source - there is plenty of source, even only accounting for the backing music. The issue is that this isn't a genre of music, it's a genre of entertainment. I think the performance was great, but this isn't music, this is a performance. It's just not in our field. We can evaluate the music (which I even said was close to passable), but we shouldn't be posting with the rest of the audio drama. If someone posted a scene from a movie they were making because it has a video game arrangement/remix they made in the background we'd reject it on the same grounds. It's a little strange, but perhaps there needs to be just a little bit more clarification than having it implied in the standards. I suppose it's reasonable to not expect non-music submissions being posted, but I see this as equal to posting a really well done painting of Mario being posted. Could be fantastic, but that's not what this site is about.
  4. Concerning where this album is at, I'll likely only be looking at roughly finished products that require minor touch-ups at best. I always have plans to resubmit the album within a two month frame, so to be safe I would assume that's how much time you have, though it does tend to get delayed for various reasons. The front page is where you can find the tracks that are available, and I look forward to seeing what you have in mind.
  5. Going okay, it's on me to finish this up, been kinda between a few things which makes this lag. @TimComposer Give me a DM and we can discuss. You still have time to work on something, if you would like.
  6. Okay, that middle bit with the actual Yoshi's Island reference is quite good, along with that Yoshi's Story reference it honestly does sell the arrangement for me - on that end, anyway. I'll admit that I agree that the mixing of this one is questionable, with some instruments just pulling too far to the front. However, giving this a few listens I do not think it actually brings this below the OCR bar. The judges critiquing the mixing of this aren't wrong, and it would be great if the mixing was better blended, but I don't think this is below our standards. Short and sweet, I like it. YES
  7. Yeah, I agree with Darkesword, this is spoken audio with an arrangement backing it. It's cool, but it's not exactly what OCR is for. I could see this being resub'd with just the music, though, since it's a pretty cool guitar/wind arrangement on it's own. As others have mentioned the timing of some of the instruments are off (those stabs from the sax roughly 1:15 in are a stand out example of something not landing on the offbeat as intended), and some of the notes aren't as clean as they can be (that sax slip-up at 1:09, for example), but it's not quite a deal breaker in my opinion; it adds to the live effect of the arrangement. The singing at the end should probably be re-recorded if this is resubmitted, though; the man's singing was flat, and the note the woman ends on is flat. The singing was a nice addition, but some autotuning or re-recording would help it quite a bit. Unfortunately I don't believe we can take this as is. If you want to resend this without the narrative and fix the singing at the end I think this would have a good chance, and if some of the loose performances were tightened up even through post production this would likely have a home on here. NO
  8. The production values on this aren't great since they're hot and loud, but they're not something that sinks the track. The orchestral portion has it's sections drown one another out, though; it's hard to hear the strings behind the brass and synths, though; it could use a better balance in the mix so it's easier to hear everything, and fixing the master so that it's not so hot on the levels would certainly help since I do hear it limiting the overall track. As for the arrangement, it sounds like this is the beginning of a track rather than a complete idea. The synths sounding out of the box, nothing added to the source outside of the opening and chords, the aforementioned repetition, and the short and sudden ending all make this sound like the beginnings of an idea for a Tetris remix rather than a complete arrangement. It's the form that's contributing to this sounding incomplete - it has a 38 second opening (29% of the track), and it has what sounds like two variations of a single section (0:38 - 1:24 and 1:24 - 2:12). Where's the rest of the track? It's a good start, and it certainly could become something really cool, but at the moment it sounds like an opening and a first section. It needs a middle and an ending, at the very least, if you want the listeners to leave satisfied. The hot production and mixing should also be fixed, but the main hold-up is the arrangement and it's imbalanced opener and two sections that are slight variations of one another. I'd also suggest making sure if these vanilla synths are what you really want out of this arrangement, too, as they stand out as pretty basic synths that could be literally anything else, but that's up to you of course. NO
  9. Heh, I remember this game, I think I picked it up at a similar time, got a real kick out of it at the time. This sounds like Pony Island ramped up to 11; I can almost hear this track being used in-game, stylistically. The arrangement easily clears the bar, and I've no commentary to offer on the production quality since it's up to your usual standards. Great work, here's hoping it goes on the front page soon. YES
  10. The front page is up to date, though if you are interested you will need to provide something quickly. While there is no schedule posted, the time allotted to submitting a finished product will be limited. I don't discourage you from trying, but there's likely little time to submit something, so heads up.
  11. Hey, I like this source (my favorite from FF8), and I think the light touch this takes for most of the arrangement so far is a nice, different direction that folk normally take this, and the singing adds some really nice flavor to all of it. Good work, keep it up.
  12. Ooooh, I really like the atmospheric take on that opening theme. The organ is juicy as hell, too, though that shouldn't be a surprise since this is a live recording and not a VST. Organs are just fantastic instruments when you get to use one in a huge space. Good luck on the show, and be sure to get a nice recording setup of the show for yourself; wouldn't be a bad idea to be able to sell live recordings later, for the effort you're putting in.
  13. Gonna cheat a little bit and repeat my analysis from the album review, with some minor tweaking. I considered it postable back then, so it's pretty much a given, for me. As far as the arrangement goes, damn this one's got some energy in it. I'm feeling the direction this one took with the source, taking those themes and the like and funkifying them to 11 (... that made sense in my head, don't judge me). It does a great job using the space, as well, changing up the textures often enough to never sound static or boring. Thanks to Prophetik for the source breakdown, I won't argue with his results. Production is solid, the mixing is good throughout. The instruments that need to pop out are put in the front when they need to be, and are brought to the back of the mix when more interesting things are happening. Lovin' it, it does a great job putting a fun, fresh face on the source material. YES
  14. Gave this a listen today to see how a recent remix of mine holds up. Not going to lie, this track holds up very well for 2002, even over 20 years later. Solid production and some fun arranging ideas, and while the style is a little dated nowadays that means very little as far as this track's overall quality - this was the shit to jam to in 2002. Even if there are few Laguna remixes to jam to on here, this one really held the fort well for the site.
  15. damn, no kidding keeping the old guard alive, baby
  16. Really great sounding intro, like others have said on here, and I think the soundscape is really cool (that lead at 0:33 doesn't sound like it'll work, but darn it, it just does). Source seems to be there, as others have pointed out, but it's definitely not a straight forward arrangement, either, so props to the cool arranging. There's a really great arrangement in this, but it does get buried behind the unbalanced mixing. While you can hear everything, the kick and snare are just thrown too far in front of the mix, so as a result everything else suffers. You can't reach any acceptable dynamic with anything else - the leads, the harmony, the textures - due to the kick and snare just taking so much of the space up. Honestly this is probably a quick fix: turn down the kick and snare in the mix, and/or decrease the output on whatever compressor or limiter is on those instruments, then turn up the rest of the mix's levels to compensate for the space that the percussion was taking. It'd balance the mix of the arrangement and would really allow for the rest of it to shine, which considering the strength of the arrangement would be fantastic. Hopefully you can send this right back to us with that fix made up for us. NO
  17. The best you can do on that front is to find the songs you're thinking about on already made MIDI files that you can find on the internet (try vgmusic.com, for a nice collection of MIDI arrangements), but you'd be putting the accuracy of the music in the hands of folk who may or may not have cared about that, or who did their best but made mistakes.
  18. This is a remix that stands on the strength of the arrangement, and the good news is that the arrangement is quite strong. The source harmonies were just a suggestion for this track, so it has a lot of fun exploring just how many ways you can harmonize the super star theme, particularly by evolving it into a texture for the SMB overworld theme. It's clever, and as Mindwanderer states it's pretty much that one idea fully explored into a song. The overall arrangement is quite static, unfortunately. The mixing has some nitpicks at best (lead could pop some more in the mix), but the biggest issue with this is that there's little room for the listener to relax their ears in the arrangement. In fact, without that break on the ears at 0:58 I probably would've rejected this on this alone, but fortunately there are moments of reprieve throughout the first half that break up the arrangement. Perhaps not enough for my tastes, but enough to consider this merely a flaw rather than a dealbreaker. The second half of the track has absolutely no breaks in texture, which is really pushing it for me but at the same time it's not a very long song so while the textures overstay their welcome the song isn't long enough to matter as much. Could've use the ending to change the soundscape one more time and ended it proper rather than fade out the ending, too, but everyone else mentioned the fadeout so I won't dwell on it here. Otherwise, it has very competent production values, and it explores an arrangement idea quite thoroughly. Had the arrangement been weaker I probably would've rejected this for being too static, but gosh darn it the idea is too cool to hold back on the panel. Do take these critiques to heart, though; change the soundscape and density of the arrangement up more, as it can be very tiring to listen to something this consistently dense more than once. I do recommend everyone listen to it at least once, though, since it's a pretty cool arrangement. YES
  19. Wait whaaat you released a new album? Definitely gonna give this a listen tomorrow, you've never disappointed!
  20. Doing swell, @Abadoss, plan on getting this back to staff sometime early October. Just have a few small touches and then this should be on it's way
  21. Great remix of a game that I've gotten a *lot* of mileage out of (it's a great game to do variant runs through). Always great to see music coming from this game getting posted, since it's really a treasure of a soundtrack. The album is pretty slick, too, so be sure to check out the Pixel Mixers' album for Octopath, as well.
  22. Megaman 3, can't say I ever tire of remixes from there. There are some solid arrangement ideas in this one, with some nice subtractive ideas to the melody to give it a nice bounce from time to time (like at 2:07), and some overall good harmony ideas. The solo flowed pretty well, and added some nice spice to the track right when it needed it. The instrument quality isn't bad (vanilla, but not bad), but their use throughout the track grows stale over the whole track. The same pads do the same thing throughout the track, and the lead is pretty much the same until the very end (when they drop out in favor of bringing that piano). I can skip around the whole track and lose track of where in the song I am since there really is little sonic variance to the track. The pads, while cool, are also muddy - probably too may notes in the harmonies that crowds the space, if I had to make a guess, and the attached reverb being too wet doesn't help. Gotta clean up them pads, since right now it's more like soup backing up the rest of the track. Mixing-wise the leads pop out a bit too much, as well; they should be blended into the mixing balance better, once those pads are fixed, too. Plenty to like, here, but overall the static arrangement and mixing issues are holding this one back. Clean those items up and this could be a fun little track to post. NO
  23. Technically I'm a two finger kind of guy, but when I'm using a mouse with more than the left, right & mouse wheel I use three fingers for the three buttons on top (but it's essentially the two finger set-up with an extra button added). Not something I normally think about, but an interesting question nonetheless.
  24. Strange, I've had trouble clicking with the source on this one every time I approached it in the panel, then after I play through the Chrono Cross remaster the source just clicks with me. Funny how that works. Anyway, I think the opening of this arrangement is an excellent example of "Less is More": it's open, airy, and personalizes the arrangement by removing elements of a source rather than adding them. It gives room for a few subtle yet tasty harmonization changes that add a lot of flavor to the track that would've gone unnoticed otherwise (I hear that bit of mixture at 0:49, very tasty). It is otherwise orchestrated well, and though the arrangement becomes more conservative as it proceeds that doesn't take away the personal touch that it was given at the outset. The sample usage is alright, but some more effort could've been put into giving it more body with consistent sounding reverb across the instruments and some less stilted samples. The vox and organ are the biggest offenders here of sounding dry compared to everything else, as well as being stiff. Most other instruments are at an acceptable level of realism, so these items really do stand out in the arrangement. You do great work, Rebecca, so we know even in 2020 you're capable of better in these departments. I agree with DjP on this, though: don't judge a remix based on past experience with an artist and evaluate it on it's own merits, and this is certainly above the bar. While conservative, it does a good job bringing out what made this track special by trimming the fat of the original, so to say, and brings the elements back together for a nice, comfortable listen. I dig it, let's post it. YES
  25. I'm not gonna lie, this sounds like MMX6 decided to have a Chronotrigger Zeal themed stage. Not something you'd think you'd need, but it's something you're glad is there for you to listen to. Good stuff.
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