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HELP: My computer died.

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if you want to spend the money for the seasonic, get this one. 15 dollars more and you get 50 more watts, good efficiency, and it's modular (which is awesome). if you want a cheaper one, this is great too - it doesn't list it but it's >75% efficiency, which is great for the price. it's also in stock on newegg.

both of the ones you picked are good, but the antec is better (modular and has fewer rails with 7 more amps on each than the seasonic, which is great). it's better than the mushkin, so if you can get it for a deal, do it. you pay for the name at seasonic...they make good stuff, but it still costs more.

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AUGH of course I finally narrow it down to two, and you bring out 2 more great choices. DOH!

OK, I'm going to skip the mishkin one. I already felt like a cheapskate enough with the $70 Antec. And if the Silverstone is really that much better, than I'll pass on the Seasonic. I was worried about it not being modular, anyway.

So, again, it looks like I'm somewhere between the Antec and the Silverstone. Hmmm, time to go read a bazillion more reviews...

Thanks again, Prophet...I think...:<

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I bought the Antec BP550 Plus for about $74 total with 2-day shipping from Buy.com. I was unimpressed with the efficiency of the Silverstone, so it would have been way more expensive in the long run.

Thanks again for all the help, Prophet, and everyone else too who offered other suggestions!

...Now I have to try to figure out how to put the whole thing together without blowing up something else...:tomatoface:

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