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  1. I'll be driving there from Columbus! Is anyone doing the Group Leader registration for an OCR group? I'll hold off on registering for now in case we decide to do that. Also, I'm hoping to stay in the OCR suite if Wes will have me. MAGFEST
  2. I'm going to be there! Anyone else in the OCR community planning on going? I might be interested in sharing a hotel room if we can get something together.
  3. You're right, I'm an idiot. Disregard. Sorry I can't make it this year, but I don't plan on missing another one!
  4. Sorry Mustin, but I went ahead and grabbed a pre-registration on Monday, the last day they were available. I'm also very sad to hear that you can't make it this time. In other news, MAGEFEST.
  5. Thanks to a major family implosion, I am now suddenly able to go to MAGFest 8.5! I still need to figure out a few details, like how I'm going to get there from Columbus, Ohio, but everything else seems plausible. Kitty, do you have room for 1 more to crash in your room? Zyko, do you still have that pre-registration to get rid of?
  6. Another super-late addition, but I'm at 3308-4570-7833.
  7. It's currently in the judging queue. I think it just needs one more yes vote, last I checked.
  8. Those streams have been awesome. I've been watching the videos on Twitch every day since I got home in order to both relive the shows I saw in person and also to catch the things I missed. I've probably watched about 12 hours of footage now, and I still have a bunch to go! Thank you so much for helping with those!
  9. It goes beyond just looking alike because I also have several Canadian tendencies, such as playing hockey, loving salt & vinegar chips, over-apologizing and inserting "eh?" into normal conversations.
  10. I think having an official time and place set up well in advance is a great idea. I'm really sad that I missed brunch this year because my flight was too early. Maybe MAGFest 13 brunch can be set for noon or 1 so we can go right after hotel checkout at 11? Also, is this place near Reagan airport? Since a ton of people would be going to DCA immediately following brunch, I'd vote for somewhere close to that. I suppose transportation to and from brunch in general might be an issue we should discuss.
  11. Holy crap, MAGFEST. I'm so glad I finally got a chance to go this year! FAVORITE THINGS (no order) : NBA JAM TE and Bomberman 2 missingNo, my vote for best new artist "Oh hey look at that, I have a new StreetPass notification!" JS Joust Droidekka and their TMNT outfits for Sewer Surfing Random jams in the lobby, in the hallways, in the dungeon, in the hotel room, in the bathroom, in my eyeball Video Game DJ Battle danceathon Zircon's vast knowledge of the Reggae genre Ben Briggs selling his albums in the OCR suite like crack at 3 a.m. "No <Colossus Roar> Past This Point" sign Lonely Rolling Stars and their dancing little girl OCAD panel craziness DoD Sonic Song Wes for offering a great, cheap place to sleep and helping to organize everything Watching Danimal Cannon rocking out to his own music Everyone sitting on the floor in a packed Stage 2 for Triforce Quartet Overclocked University and their surprise new album Larry striping for OCR donations Meeting everyone!
  12. Kind of crazy that you can't search for it, but anyway please add me when you get a chance
  13. I went to supershuttle.com and made shuttle reservations for $17 each way so I wouldn't have to worry about it for months on end. That's what most people recommended I do.
  14. Thanks Amphibious, I forgot about that. I was able to make an online shuttle reservation at supershuttle.com for about $17 each way. Hassle free!
  15. I just wanted to celebrate with all of you that I just bought my plane tickets and paypaled my group registration moneys to Bahamut and I AM EXCITE. So uhh, if anyone is going to be at DCA with a car around 9:15 a.m. on Thursday, I could use a ride. If not, I'm sure I can find a taxi and it would be no big deal. (But secretly holding out hope for a Txai.)
  16. Sure, I don't think it looks all that appealing to me personally, but I would highly recommend it to children under the age of 10 who drop/break/ruin EVERYTHING. It's aimed toward a select audience of young children, just like how the Nintendo DS XL was originally intended for old people who didn't want to wear reading glasses. The XL ended up doing surprisingly well, IMO. I bet this does better than the GBA Micro, saleswise.
  17. Hey guys, long time lurker, first time poster. I just want to say this song is great and thank god I went back in time to fix the DJP/Virt rift so that this remix could exist in your time-space continuum. OK GG everyone, I should return to my own timesphere now, k thx bai.
  18. EDITOR'S NOTE: I worked at GameStop for 3 years at the 2nd busiest location in Ohio. GameStop is definitely not great at everything, but they do offer a few valuable services for gamers. I've found that GameStop employees are more knowledgeable about video games than most retailers (excluding local mom-and-pop stores). When Brushfire's example of dumb mom needs help, GameStop will be the best equipped to help her find a hidden gem that her kid will love. The best use I've found for Gamestop is that it's a great place to buy semi-old games (1-5 years old). Obviously you're only saving 8-18% off used games for current hits, but the prices are usually really good for not-that-old games that nobody plays anymore. Current price examples: Gears of War 2 - $3, Mass Effect 2 - $8, Red Faction Armageddon - $5. BTW, my last GameStop purchase was Rockband for $0.99. I've also had a lot of luck finding old games that are out-of-print. I've found rare DS games like old Atlus RPGs that cannot be found anywhere else without paying a fortune. If you buy a video game system many years after its release, GameStop is a great place to go to get all the great games you missed out on.
  19. I thought you already owned and beat those games? (says the guy who re-bought Castle Crashers)
  20. I almost bought "Gods and Kings" expansion for $7.50, but then I noticed that it was included in this Gold DLC Only pack for $5. I saved $2.50 and also got Korea, Wonders and another expansion I didn't have yet.
  21. I had to listen to this track quite a few times before I "got" it, mostly because it has so many different things going on. Reading the mix write-up helped me see Jeff's vision of Locke seeing Rachel in a dream. Part of what makes it hard to follow is that Rachel's theme is basically a slower version of Locke's theme, so it's hard to notice when there are callbacks to her "voice" in Locke's dreams. Laura's voice is solid, and she really helps push the piece to a higher level.I enjoyed the background that comes in at 0:44 and goes to 1:56. It kind of reminds me of "Into the Giant" music from FF4. Then it's triumphant Locke chorus all the way! This is one of the more "explorational" and diverse songs on the album, especially compared to other more "straight" or "traditional" mixes on disc one. Once I got over the initial shock of hearing something so different, I was able to appreciate it a lot more. Jeff and Laura have created an interesting piece that allows me to hear Locke's theme in an all-new way.
  22. I literally have a spare Bioshock, but I'm pretty sure you mean a trading card, not the game itself, so...
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