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Original (Journey through Jupiter)

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I haven't posted here in a LOOOOONG time. Heh.

I finally got up off of my behind and ditched the MIDI sequencer in favor of FruityLoops Studio yesterday, and spent time learning about it, and today I felt I'd learned the basics, and so I made a demo of sorts.


It's not THAT good, but I just wanted feedback on this one. I couldn't find the controllers, would be better if I knew where they were at. I USED to know, but that was a while ago...

Took a couple hours to finish.

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Right click and select "automate" I think. Make sure you keep track of which pattern you automate. Also some of these sound like default sounds. Try building your own synths, and eq'ing and mixing them properly. Also, this arrangement sounds like a pretty generic techno mix. It needs a lot of work to make it interesting.

The bass sound gets annoying pretty fast, and you seem to re-use that intro sound effect pretty often as a transition. The drums sound like they're not mixed at all. The kick should be eq'd and compressed to sound bigger. The high hats need to be eq'd to make them sound more interesting and stand out more (crispier and more energetic). You should probably compress the bass along with the kick (after you eq the bass and get it to sound better).

The pads sounds really odd with the cutoff envelope shape. Try building your own pads from choir sounds and saw waves (slow attack, but not too slow, long release, eq them to sound warm; boost up low mids and turn down the other frequencies; add some chorus/flanger for a fatter sound, probably finish them with some reverb/delay).

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