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  1. The second and third finger don't hold the mouse; they just click the buttons. (sorry, that's piano numbered fingers). I hold it between my thumb and fourth finger (ring finger). I think the pinky maybe helps the fourth finger push the mouse a bit. So do you use your hand to actually hold/move it or your fingers? Also wow, this is a seven month old thread and still on the first page. Does everyone Discord now?
  2. To be fair I'd rather wait until after the compo is over. Since arranging and mixing is such a complex process feel free to ask me specific questions or even just get general feedback on another mix and I'll try my best to help.
  3. Your song sounded like a 10 second loop, and I couldn't distinguish the sources very well. Maybe there's something I'm missing in the bass-line since I don't have a sub plugged in. And by Doom 4 yes I meant the reboot. I'm glad you enjoyed my song, but I probably wouldn't submit it as-is. I'd probably narrow it down to one or two themes, clean it up a bit and flesh out the arrangement more.
  4. Well I don't want to spoil too much of the series, but in short, to answer your question, yes, sort of both. Some of the situations Leliana overcomes are outright horrific, yet the outcomes only make her stronger. She's a complex character who continually evolves throughout the Dragon Age series (part of her character development also has to do with the actions you take during the course of the games). Also, good luck trying to manipulate Leliana. (small spoiler) part of the backstory she's involved in espionage, so she's very familiar with manipulation tactics. My last post was actually referencing a quote from Doom 4. I've been thoroughly enjoying this masterpiece of a game the last few days, which definitely inspired my mix this round. =)
  5. Porky and Xehanort are rage, brutal, without mercy, but Leliana, she is worse. Poke and Tear, until it is done!
  6. I'm probably finished, but I'll sit on it for a little while incase I change my mind before the deadline.
  7. That's a fun little remix you got. Here, I'll post one of mine from last year's RRPC that isn't representive of my style at all Good luck and may the funk be with you.
  8. I'm really burned out from work. I don't know if I'll be submitting anything this round.
  9. Their names were Mara and Nara in the version I played. Dragon Quest is always so inconsistent with their character names. Anyway, I just submitted. Thanks for the extension. I've been so frigging busy lately I couldn't finish anything last week.
  10. So are these the themes for this round, or is it the stuff on page one? I'm a bit confused. and yeah I was too busy to work on anything last week.
  11. submitted. I feel like I could have done a lot more, but was really constrained on time. Got way too much going on this week.
  12. Last time I did this compo as a villain. I'll play as a goody-do-gooder hero this time. Here's my list: “Dragon Age Origins” - “Leliana” and “Leliana's Song” - “Hero” “Tales of Phantasia” - “Mint” and “Mint's Theme” - “Hero” “Final Fantasy IV” - “Rydia” and “Rydia's Theme” - “Hero”
  13. wow, these games have really great music. I'm surprised they haven't gotten way more love by now.
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