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Use of OC ReMix work in other media productions?

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Hi all. First, I apologize if this is the wrong forum-- I'm still not very familiar with the site and the forums. I might have wanted to put this in a more general-purpose forum, but this is largely targeted to ReMixers so I wanted to make sure it would get to them.

Anyway, this is a question largely about copyrights and licensing for using OverClocked ReMix works in other media productions.

The background (I will try to be brief)... basically, I'm producing an audio show of sorts (I sometimes call it a radio show, but it is not a live broadcast). It's mostly talk (basically, all except for the music >_>). I'd really like to use some ReMixes as opening themes for the like.

I don't want to get too much into the details of the show, but some potentially relevant points... One, I'm trying to open it a little differently every week, including using different music, which is why I'm making this a general request for clarification on copyrights and the like, rather than just asking one artist for permission for one song. Another thing, it's very interview-driven and I've been doing my level best not to appear too biased on my show, so it's not like your music would appear to endorse any one particular viewpoint... hopefully.

What I know so far: I read the copyright policy and what I have gotten from it is that I can use ReMixes in other works, as long as I properly credit the remixer and OCR. I can't remember offhand if there was any clause about no profit being made off the work, but I'm not making any money off of this anyway so hopefully that's not an issue.

What I'm asking: If anyone official would like to correct my interpretation of the copyright policy or the like, I'd love to hear it (especially if it will prevent me from getting sued!). Otherwise, until that time, I'm sort of assuming it's all okay (assuming use is in good faith and all that). So if you're an artist and you would NOT like me to use your work, please let me know in this forum or via PM and I will honor your request.... and if you have a request that you would like for your music to be featured at some point, I'll honor that too! :-)

If you're an artist and you're on the fence-- or if you're curious about my show-- I'm going to put a link to the show's homepage in my profile soon after posting this, which will allow you to read more about the show and also check out the episodes I have so far posted. And if you like it and want to contribute, then feel free to contact me and we'll work something out.

And that leads me to a confession... um... so I'm asking all this now, but I've also made a few episodes and posted them. And I've used a couple of works... yeah. I'm an idiot for not asking sooner. I'm really sorry. So to add to what I was saying above-- if you ask me not to use your works, and I already have, then I will honor the request retroactively and edit the episodes already up as needed. Unfortunately, I can't do much about distribution (i.e., if someone already has the wrong version I can't magically switch it out), but this is kind of unlikely anyway as my current audience size is fewer than ten people.

Thanks for reading, and for your patience if this is in the completely wrong forum and it has to get moved.

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Its pretty much there in the content policy.

You can use anything you want from the site, without permission from the individual artist as long as you:

1. Don't profit from it.

2. Credit the artist and ocremix (including the website url) either before or after the songs.

All the remixers agreed to the policy when they submitted, and they obviously all want their work to be heard if they submitted it in the first place :).

Its not the end of the world if you haven't credited them so far, but if you could in some way, even just mentioning wherever you download the shows from which songs were used.

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Alright, thanks. I did read the content policy, but it was surprisingly... um... in my favor. Can you blame me for wanting to confirm it? :-D

Anyway, I've been really good about crediting the people and mentioning the site, including the base URL (not so much where individual songs can be found, but I also provide the name and the artist so it can't be that hard to find).

And I'm gonna post the link here in case people want to investigate further (though it's been on my profile now, too):


It's kind of pathetic that I haven't got my own host yet, but it's a start.

Thanks very much for the quick reply, Fishy.

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