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    I was born some time ago. I will die some time in the future. Until then, I continue to exist, searching for the meaning of life.

    I've discovered that I'm the type to pursue a sort of infinite (and possibly unattainable) justice. I seem to always aim big, especially on moral issues. I don't believe in compromising, nor do I believe in self-contradiction. I like to think I'm understanding of other people's extenuating circumstances, but I don't excuse stupidity.

    That all sounds really dark, but don't worry. I'll seem happier when you get to know me. :-D
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  1. Just out of curiosity, do you already have a remixing toolkit set up? I'm just asking because I was in the same sort of mode you were some time ago, and I was like, "Oh man I'm gonna make the best Golden Sun track remix ever", but I had nothing on my computer and ended up being too busy/lazy to get it. So I can testify that without a hell of a lot of willpower, it's really hard to get started from scratch. At least, it is for me. Part of my problem is that I use Linux, though.
  2. Hey, I was just wondering if anyone would like to possibly collaborate with me on one of Wind Waker's Puppet Ganon themes. Puppet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBpRUEqcfV0&feature=related Spider: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgjzkSMewNU&feature=related Snake: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0BrwyzJTdI&feature=related Personally, I'd love to try to do a mix of all of them, if possible, but it's probably easier to just do one. My favorite is the Spider version. Unfortunately, I'm sort of new at this whole thing, and my equipment isn't all that great. But I'd love to work primarily on arrangement if someone else wants to focus on the production side. I'm open to anything, really. If anyone's interested, please send me a PM. Thanks! On a related note, I'd love to see someone do a long, bombastic orchestral remix of all of the Ganon battle themes somehow. Given a little time I could probably draft a rough score of something, but it's not coming to me yet...
  3. Along those lines, do you think you could further qualify the list on the first page to show how many of the "open" tracks have nobody interested in them (or having sent small WIPs or whatnot)? It says Tail Cave is open, but a few posts ago you showed that like four people are aiming for it and three have even sent in WIPs, so for a newbie like me or the other guy you were just responding to there'd be no reason to try to join the fray there necessarily. Yes, I'm aware there's a newbie who's aiming for it, but he's put his money where his mouth is by submitting a WIP, right?
  4. I haven't forgotten about this, but I've been busy (and now sick!) the last couple of weeks. Sorry for that. I hope to have some time later this week to meddle with some counterpoint.
  5. I just took a listen... you know what I think would rock with this? Take some kind of brass-ish instrument with a warm sound, like a French horn say, and have some counterpoint and/or harmony work added to the lyrics along with the background more or less as-is, at least conceptually. If you throw me a tempo measurement in BPM, then I can knock up a demo. (It feels about 135-140 bpm but I don't feel like doing guess and check...) EDIT: This is what I'd said before: I can't record or produce, but I could provide notation and a MIDI file if you're interested. (I might be able to generate a simple MP3 adding the horn part into the file already provided, maybe, but it will need serious production work because I don't really know anything about mastering) You interested at all?
  6. I've been interested in this sort of thing myself, though of course I suffer from the same problem as everyone else who seems to want to make a project along these lines. (Edit: I refer to being new) In my case, I know for a fact I don't have enough time, because I'm acting as a ringer for the Link's Awakening project and I don't even have time to contribute to that, and I'm not even running it. (One of these days I'll have enough time to try my hand at a track, though! Seriously...) Anyway, I'll just state for the record that I'm totally down with this project, if it ever gets started. And if I ever get time I'll contribute, too. So it's not like there's NO interest. Personally, I think a genre theme is needed for the project, so that the album would be something completely different from the game. Chrono Symphonic comes to mind here... basically, given a good idea for a creative genre shift, I have to wonder if no one will want to try to get into the project. Experienced remixers with no prior exposure to the game might see it as a good creative exercise and could lend a surprising amount of power to the project if they make stuff in a new genre with no preconceptions. It's a moot point anyway, though. Certainly it will be impossible to finish before Golden Sun DS comes out, so it might be better to wait for its release-- and also by then I might have some more free time to actually arrange stuff.
  7. I'm still lurking around here, watching the progress of the project. If I ever get time I might try to knock something up. I know I've said that like five times now, though, so don't hold your breath or anything. In personal news I've managed to find out how to get my speakers to work on my CentOS real-time install, which means if I can just figure out my audio setup again I'll be in business. Though the real issue for me is time. I might give it a shot next weekend, since I should have that weekend open.
  8. In my defense, I saw the grammar of the question as being a bit like... say, Epitaph aka Luke has a guitar recorder. Awesome that we have a tenor recorder, then. Now no more making fun of me for the prophet's horribly ambiguous grammar, mkay?
  9. Kind of a dumb question, but tenor what? Tenor sax? Tenor voice?
  10. Yeah, sorry for that. I kind of died briefly. Then I got better. I have a full-time job (internship really) as a tech ops guy for a large legal company, and it's been exhausting although quite fun. So there are times when I don't even touch my computer at home for weeks at a time. Anyway, I'll try to be more active on the fora from here on. And prophet, who knows, I might have something for you by the end of the summer. Luke and I might do a collaborative work or something, who knows. Well, I'm trying my best. As you know, I have some issues with my setup. So I'll be working on that. We'll see how it goes. Good luck with your upcoming shit.
  11. How did I not see this sooner!? Okay, so I don't really have a remixing setup that's 100% solid yet, meaning I'm not sure when I'll be able to contribute, but I will say this... I would LOVE to see a remix of some of the "boss"-ish tracks from the ORIGINAL Super Smash Bros.; Those tracks were vastly underappreciated, since for whatever reason Nintendo/HAL went mostly towards epic orchestral(-ish) in Melee and Brawl. Some links: (Metal Mario) (Polygon Team) (Master Hand)I'd love to contribute to a rocking rendition of any of these. I play bass, though it's anybody's guess whether it'll be of a decent quality or not. Oh, idea. Would anyone be up for trying to take the Master Hand theme and adding original lyrics to it? I had some ideas in my head earlier, but nothing's sticking together. I just want to get this out there so that I've committed the idea to "paper" (work with me here) and hopefully won't forget. Feel free to PM me with any thoughts, unless it's along the lines of directly contributing to these ideas. I don't want this thread flooded with fruitless discussion along these lines Oh, and before I forget: Props to The Joker and whoever your predecessor was for conceiving of this idea; it's absolutely brilliant. I hope this succeeds!
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