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Punch-Out Remix by Deep Infinity


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hahaa oh man! Punch out, I love that game. Kick ass sustain guitar sample you're Using. Cool 80's kinda trumpet too.

It's very creative of you to use PUNCH!! sounds as drum element. Great idea.

Perhaps you could add some elements that could fill out the sound a little better during the main themes, it get's a little thin here and there.

About half way in you've added a nice synth solo part, it's a bit boring... but still good. Perhaps you could have fiddled around a little with the backing. The drumming is good though! It's a bit too much of the same going on. If you'd go from lighter notes then work your way to darker tones, then speed up to lighter tones and let the drums go mayhem it would be awesome!

This is just a suggestion: If you'd stop ALL instruments right after the synth stashing with a heavy delayed punch, then POW start it off with the main themes again, it would have great effect! Perhaps play the main themes on second repeat together with another instrument.. it would add suspense.

Great work!!

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I'm not gonna check source - lazy. Would help if you'd put a source link there, tho.

The drum writing is pretty cool, but the drum sounds aren't quite. Some reverb might help, but better samples would be better.

Synth melody is also cool, but the synth is a little stale, it could be a little more changing. Even some changes to the note velocities would help make it a little more alive.

LHH's suggestion isn't bad, you should try it. Stuff like that make a track more dynamic. More little breaks, fills, stuff like that.

Not knowing how much is source verbatim I can't comment on the progression of the remix, but it sounds good, and you've got some ocremix potential.

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