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DKC - Chekan Winter revisited (piano)

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This is more of a remix of a remix than anything, but figured that was close enough to post it here. Prophecy was the first one to hear this version after I recorded it (even before I listened to it myself). I believe the original melody from Donkey Kong Country is in here somewhere. ;p

Anyway, here is a classical piano solo version of Chekan Winter. It is recorded in mono, and it is 20 minutes long (and the playing is really sloppy, in my own honest opinion). Obviously I'd have to scale it down and probably get the piano tuned at least if I'm going to submit it to the site (and change the title to something appropriate).

I've been doing quite a bit of piano and vocal work lately (but mostly piano). It's a fun change of pace. Anyway, not sure if people really care for this kind of stuff or not. Nonetheless, enjoy!


will stay uploaded for one week


will be available for 3 weeks, and you can stream it here.

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Ha ha, oh my god, you weren't kidding, this really is nearly 19 minutes long.

To be honest, I'm actually on the fence about the 'piano tuning' - more and more recently I've begun to appreciate the ever-so-slightly off-tune 'character', especially in old pianoes, where you can hear some notes striking a bit differently, or different key-noise - brand shiny new baby grands just sound too overly polished, almost unreal - whereas worn clunky pianos sound like the real deal. So give that some thought.

It's hard to give focused feedback on something this long, but after sitting and listening to it for 3 minutes while I'm typing this, it moves along well enough - there's enough variation in the way the melody is expressed that I don't get tired of it, and the range of notes is great, hitting the super high plinky notes and super low clunky ones as well.

The sloppiness is noticeable, it's true - but not really in a way that interferes with the overall piece. I almost this whole thing stands on its own as a really interesting performance with lots of depth - I'd be curious to see what the more OCR-friendly cut sounds like. I'm at 7:24 now - I'm probably going to leave it playing and go lay down and go to sleep now - it's certainly peaceful enough.

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