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Sonic CD (EU/Jap) - Tidal Tempest Zone Present - Submerged

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Hi all!

Been a while since I posted something. You may recognise this mix from ReMix ThaSauce some time ago - well, I've been out of practice recently what with real life getting in the way but finally I got back to it and can hopefully give you guys a much better version.


Feedback mucho appreciated - Is this ready to be submitted to the Judges?

Please let me know o wonderful OCReMix community :)

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The ReMix is ready to be submitted to the judges, at least that's what I think. I did not detect anything wrong or bad sounding in the entire mix. It was done beautifully my friend. The only thing, and it's just a personal preference, is the bell that stared somewhere in the middle would be louder or play a more prominent roll. But it would still be sweet sounding without that.

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The lead seems a bit week at times (really airy, which is what you're going for, but the judges might not like it so much), it seems to me sometimes that the drums kind of over-power everything else (though honestly I'm using pretty jacked headphones) so you might want to check your volume levels. Lastly it might be a BIT too repetitive, I think that can go either way.

That said, being unfamiliar with the source, I think this is a pretty good contender for OCReMix. You create a pretty full soundscape and aside from the tweaks I mentioned above I think you're pretty solid.

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