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  1. You all are missing a robot master, Concrete Man. Where is the cover for this guy? I am disappoint, but the album is great overall minus Concrete Man song. (Seriously where is the song?)
  2. for some weird reason this reminds me of Mass Effect's Saren theme, but just the beginning of this, specifically the thick bass but it's still freaking awesome
  3. a very nice track, but I think the source tune gets lost in the percussion, but the percussion is nice and very very 80s:grin:
  4. 3 is my favorite just for the fact that I love Sonic Spinball, And you just made my day. Every thing about that mix, in my opinion, is perfect with the exception of a few finishing touches I'm sure you have in mind already. (Now do Toxic Caves please anybody.) 1,4 And 6 are all very heavy on the star wars which I personally like, I just wish 4 And 6 were eligible to be submitted. However if you were to rework them(hehe say that 5x fast) to where the star wars wasn't so blatant and more like an "inspiration" you might get away with it. But still I like them the way they are. So even if you ca
  5. This is a pretty epic mix, Great if not the most AWESOME job you've ever done. Thank you, and now this goes directly to to the Ipod. P.S LOVE THE FUZZ
  6. I don't know why someone has not done this track yet but this can fit really any genre. Here Is the link to the source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbEfadBoE70
  7. The ReMix is ready to be submitted to the judges, at least that's what I think. I did not detect anything wrong or bad sounding in the entire mix. It was done beautifully my friend. The only thing, and it's just a personal preference, is the bell that stared somewhere in the middle would be louder or play a more prominent roll. But it would still be sweet sounding without that.
  8. I'm in my gamertag is the same as my name. I know *Star Wars* but I can't help myself, just a fanboy Forgot to mention the Capcom Unity, it's also the same as my name
  9. The source is definitly there but the lead sample is just too much for it maybe some thing a little more high pitched, mid level possibly just my preferance Other than the lead it is a great mix, keep going dude
  10. this is like the most awsome thing i've heard all day *Jim Rome voice* AWAsome, FonWAominal, HilWAirious, StuWpendece,....And did I mention AWAsome!!! And Just how many different themes are in it anyways I mean there's more than just Megaman, Zelda, Thriller, Never Gonna Give You Up, Disney I could have swore I heard Kirby in there and Star Fox am I wrong cause now I must figure it out
  11. I know it sounds stupid but people should totally talk Jose the Bronx Rican into doing the DK Rap from Donkey Kong 64. He'll probibly make it the most awsome thing to ever hit OC ReMix. I challenge him to do it!!!!!
  12. It's a pretty solid mix, the only thing i'll say is that the lead guitar isn't loud enough and the other guitar and bass sound too muffled. Keep in mind that i'm no mixer but I calls 'em as I's sees them. But I can't wait till the full version comes out, heck if it released right now it would still be sweet.
  13. Sounds good so far but (while I may not be that musicly inclined) I think you should give it more guitar over the bass. And some of the synth sounds a little muffled to me. The piano chould stand to get a little more attention as well. It's more of an issue of clarity is all, it is overall a very good mix, just needs to sound clearer. Good luck with the mix. xP
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