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Emergency music request


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so I was made the DJ for a convention that starts...tomorrow!

Sadly it seems their usual DJ couldn't make it, and I own the largest collection of dance and rave tracks of the people running the con, so I volunteered to just run a playlist of tracks.

now, I have plenty of tracks to play, but because it's an anime convention, with lots of video games fans sure to be there.

I am begging for rave or dance-party appropriate video game music tracks!

I have This Device Has Been Modified (the portal techno song) but that's about it.

any recommendations?!?

links would be lovely too.

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ack, sorry, major newbie mistake there (not using teh search bar).

I'm just flipping out because I'm really happy to DJ, but I want it to be good, and make sure I play songs that people will go...awesome! a Megaman dance track! ya know? and I'm trying to finish the list asap, so I can get some sleep, because I'm working the rest of the con as well, so not much time to look on my own, hence my asking for help!

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Play zombies ate my neighburgers and watch everyone stop dancing and go "what the hell?" plz

haha, I do plan on rickrolling the audience. EVERYONE has been asking me to play Caramel Dansen song (

), so I edited it to blend into Rickroll right at the 17 second marker (watch the video and you'll hear that's right when the track "picks up" :twisted: XD
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Well I think the rave was a great success, I got a lot of compliments the next day.

Thanks for the help people!

and yeah, the rickroll was very well received, a lot of people instantly came over to my station to high five me, and the dance floor people started doing the little Rick Astley dance.

the door watcher said about 5 people walked out though, haha.

bLiNd's FF10 track "White Skies" was well received! as was AkumajoBelmont's Castlevania track "The Devil Inside" although I don't know if anybody caught them as video game tracks :/

ps. don't worry about it SoulinEther, I didn't take it offensively.

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