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  1. looks like i'll need to be getting torrenting again.
  2. Creative's online store offers a 30% off coupon for most of their products (and decent price cuts on those not included in the 30% off). It'd get you an Aurvana Live for $50, for instance. edit: even works on their outlet store. edit 2: nov 26-29
  3. beeeeeeeautifulllllll. really! have to share this with my friends, because her voice and her work are gorgeous.
  4. OMGeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. You've already done a minute. Why not explore this epic awesomeness further?!
  5. I'll bet you are. I'm strongly considering throwing down the $100 for a E7. Since I need a new phone anyway, thinking of going iphone + getting a dock line out cable (i can't find any other phone that offers unadulterated line out) and that way I could use the thing as a DAC with my laptop and as an amp when i'm on the go.
  6. I was just looking at this song in the to be posted section last night and wondered "When will this get posted?" I closed the page in total hopelessness. But I am pleasantly surprised to see it on the front page so soon! I've been listening to a copy since the WIP days. I love how the lyrics keeps me guessing at a true meaning, but they're a little open-ended or fragmented - when I read the explanation in the writeup, it made sense. The choice to simplify part of the rhythm for the verses really made this flow and feel natural...worked well. Personally I liked the modulation at the end. To
  7. hey, woo... thanks. congratulations to the other two people who submitted just the same - churning out any body of text really is an accomplishment. while my thoughts on the other entries are still fresh in my mind, allow me to address them! er... and I hope I don't come off as harsh or snobby at all - if I do, I swear I don't mean to (it seems I have a lot lately, though, to those who don't know me so well). These are just my criticisms, and I am only expressing them because I think they will help and because I want to help if I can . Silence is a convincing work, but I do think it could ha
  8. that looks ridiculously fun... i might give it a try, if I can find a suitable topic.
  9. Happy birthday. I checked your new site layout a few days ago and it's pretty sweeeet (but i was feeling too lame to comment on it at the time).
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYyyyyyyyyyy! woooo ambient birthdays.
  11. Wait, MAD LUST ENVY (lulz), do you mean you're using the Fiio E7? I ran into a few reviews and they all seem positive...my laptop's sound card is (naturally) shit and inserts tons of noise into whatever I listen to - is it a worthy purchase (or investment if I later get hard-to-drive headphones)?
  12. qft. lol yeah. it's all looking sick.
  13. qffe... i'm just glad my comp won't be able to run it. edit: i'm getting a lot of GW vibes from reading that post.
  14. Yeah I meant open; something that just sits against my ears, not around em...again, all for casual use. I did see the Portapros, and I have heard a lot of good about them. Sound leaking out is fine. It's not like I'm listening to wailing pornos or anything, and if I was gonna receive flak for listening to Lady Gaga, I would've already. Those aurvanas have been tempting me for a long while, especially since I realized all the low-end creative audio stuff suck. (eh, i suppose $60 is still fairly low end)
  15. Actually, I would be very interesting in a decent budget pair of on the ear headphones for when I'm at my desk and want to be able to hear things while keeping my listening fairly private...those look like something I'd consider, or something else made by koss using the same drivers.
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