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"Pac1" -- Pac-Man World 2 remix -- LeiGet


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The intro was interesting, however there really was not segway into the drums. Something like a snare roll of even hi hit hits leading up to it would make a difference. I would personally eliminate the low synth after that fast intro synth altogether and just going right to the drums would work as well.

Now as for the lead low bass kinda synth. Its not bad, but way to dry sounding, and this goes for all the instruments in here. Try messing around with reverb and delays to start with. Maybe adding some delay to the low synth and some reverd and and a slight delay to the higher pitched instruments. Also try tweaking around with the EQ for all the tracks. A good place to start is to give the drum track a little more bass by bringing the lows up a few notches and a tiny boost on the highs. Then for the bass synth maybe the same, but bring the mids up instead of the highs. For the higher pitched synth, try lowering the lows and bringing it up slightly on the highs in the EQ settings.

After that's all done, everything is very centered excluding the drums. Try panning some instruments more. Also you can duplicate some instruments and pan them opposite each maybe about 75%. A good place to start would be the lower synths. Its always a good idea to try and fill all the studio space from left to right when doing any sort of music.

The little breakdown thing at 1:13 is kinda hard to hear at first. Once the other 2 synths join in its alright though. Again, try messing with the EQ.

I know you said your a beginner at this, and that's fine. That's why we're here to help. With some touching up this could be a decent remix. Hang in there, it'll get there.

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Some cool stuff in there, but it does need work!

The lone, odd synth in the beginning is rather odd, and I agree it doesn't segue into the drums very well. I would try experimenting with the intro a bit - try taking out the lone synth riff or something, try some different ideas and then stick to one. Right now it seems a little bit unfocused.

0:15 - 0:43 seems a little dry still, like it's missing something to be complete. I understand you're trying to ease the listener into the song, but they can pick up an idea much quicker than you think. I would add another significant layer, such as a mid/high-range rythmic (I can't spell that word), electronic, blippy accompaniment/melody sort of thing in the background, the sort of happy thing you would hear in a gameboy game. Something with a bit of contrast to flesh it out. That's just my two cents, of course - what I'm trying to get across is that you might want to consider adding something.

:38 - :43 is unnessecary to me. I would consider replacing it with something more meaningful or taking it out. Again, I think you might be underestimating your listener.

I really like :44 on, though - that's when the song gets into some really cool stuff. Still, I find that you need a few short drum riffs that lead back into parts, like right before 1:00. Know what I mean? Sometimes a big section will just kick in without giving the listener any sign.

I also think that on the second go-round of the cool, dirty-sounding part you could stand to have something in there a little more playful with the rhythm. Again, if it were me, I would do something mid/high-pitched and blippy/electronic-y. What you want to do in fleshing out a song is have things that contrast and play off each other.\

Besides what I mentioned, though, the song sounds really cool! Unfortunately, I can't recognize the source tune too well (I actually listened to this soundtrack a bit though - which area is the source tune from?). Anyway, I like the depth of the stuff that starts at :44, as well as the sort of whiney section that starts at 1:11. They're cool ideas!

To sum it up, the main things for me are the intro, the drum segues, and fleshing it out. Sorry - it must be very discouraging to get so many gripes in reply to your song. Making music's really hard work! Don't give up, though - art is never finished, only abandoned. Keep at it!

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