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  1. I really like this! It has a very nice feel and stays faithful to the original without going off into awkward experimentation. I feel like you really played to your strengths here. I have two main suggestions: first, see if you can find a better voice for the choir. The sound right now is pretty much on every electric piano nowadays, so that's a bit of a distraction. My second issue is that the second chorus sounds too much like the first. I would just add in a little extra to keep things extra. I really enjoyed the last chorus with the key change. Overall, really good! I don't know anything about the technical stuff, so I'm just talking about atmosphere.
  2. With my little experience in sound quality, I'm not really qualified to comment. I'm just poppin' in to say that while I still really like it, you really have to make the right hand a lot gentler (especially in the vicinity a third of the way through) and generally have the note velocity a bit more varied. Right now it really doesn't sound natural...
  3. The percussion seems a bit robotic/loud so it kind of intrudes in on the piece. Like, it's disproportionally intense compared to the other instruments. I also feel like the arrangement could have been compressed a bit - it dragged on a little. However, the synths were very beautiful and atmospheric. I would say this piece is an even split for me.
  4. Hey, thanks for commenting on my WIP :)

  5. In my supa-humble opinion, the climax could use a greater amount of harmonic power. I don't feel like there's enough instruments, or enough volume in the instruments that are there, to provide real catharsis. You know what I mean? It doesn't hit you hard enough. It's still a fun piece though - still above par.
  6. This album was ridiculously awesome, and I'm really, really picky. While I've really enjoyed other albums from this site, this was the only one besides the Metroid project where there wasn't a song I disliked. This is excepting the penultamite heavy metal vocal, which just isn't my style of music - but I really liked how the album included what was almost a substitute for it. On the whole I can't express how much I enjoyed it. Each and every track was extremely beautiful and musically interesting - it was just remixing at its best. Brobdingnagian kudos to the project's director and everyone involved - this album truly is a masterpiece I'll be listening to for a very long time.
  7. I really like it! Like the other poster said, it really has some magic. I hope that doesn't sound too rainbow-fairy. The percussion is really catchy but a tad too loud when it first comes in. It fits more when there's more stuff going on. I felt like it really did a great job of keeping my attention, but during the section at 2:30 I thought it was getting a little bit repetitive. I would add something else in this section, something percussive or an accenting sound effect, or maybe change up the percussion a little so it doesn't get old - not necessarily change it, but break it from the same pattern. I didn't feel like it was repetitive from 3:00 on because that was when it was "all coming together," so to speak. In fact, I would change that part too much. The only other things were that I would shorten the intro a little (I was getting pretty tired by 1:00) and make the ending just a little less abrupt, like hold that chord for a little longer at least - it was a bit too sudden for me. Oh yeah, and the synth at 1:30 is a little to blatant. I would try playing around with some phasing/filtering/reverb to make the song more interesting and more chill and less in-your face, since that seems to be the mood you're aiming for here. Sorry but the nitpicking - it's really great! I agree with what you said about adding some variety, but overall it's very nice.
  8. I'm a big fan of the source! Overall very conservative. I really liked the beginning, but about halfway through I felt like it really needed some more stuff going on. The drums were also pretty robotic - the samples sounded real, but they seemed very dryly arranged - more energy and/or creativity would really help! When the main melody started up on the violin and/or horns, it also seemed pretty lacking in energy. You can either go for mysterious or thrilling, but right now it's somewhere in-between and it doesn't really work. So either make the melody less muddled in reverb and add harmony, or make it a little more haunting and in the background. But either way, the song really needs either more instruments or it needs to be compacted. (I'm in favor of the former.) I think it has a lot of potential - I like the ambience! - but it's missing gusto, IMO.
  9. Hey!

    I know it's been over a year, but I was thinking about your Kirby Block Ball remix the other day and I kind of wanted to hear it again... Is there any way I could get my hands on it? My e-mail's windkirby@msn.com

    Hope to hear it, as I liked it a lot!


  10. Very nice - I liked how textured and thick that percussion is, and once again it has a great style. I do feel, though, that sometimes the percussion is a bit much; I think I would've enjoyed the piece a lot more if it had more melodic material, or if the melodic material was a bit more prominent - sometimes I felt like it was all beat and no... song. It's still a great piece, but that's just my two cents. I figured with everyone's natural praise you could afford some criticism. :]
  11. Okay it's been over a month, but I love K64, so I'm barging in and saying you need to finish this! I like it a lot, but I think what I like so much about the original tune is it's great atmosphere. I think your flute does a good job of translating that (actually I really like it - it's nostalgic for me in a weird way), but yeah, you definitely want to add more stuff because right now it sounds a little empty, especially on the second go-round that starts at around 1:37. Have you thought about some bigger percussion, like some cymbals or timpani drum rolls or something? Trumpet and piano sound like good additions, but whatever you add it should have some presence 'cause right now it needs more stuff going on. But the song has lots of potential! I'm excited to see where you take it. (Or, well, where you HAVE taken it seeing as how it's been so long.) Please update... We need more K64 remixes. :] Oh yeah and you might want to add a teensy bit more reverb on the sax; it sounds a little fake or samply to me do to the lack of 'verb, but then again I'm kind of a 'verb whore so just try listening for it.
  12. Agreed - there's some missed kickass opportuniy, but I do think the way you have it is pretty good all the same. Very suspenseful. Good job!
  13. Un-freaking-believable. I've never even played the game and I'm getting nostalgia... The attention to detail is stunning, and I love how complex you've made it without detracting at all from the music's meaning. Instead, the layers accent the music rather than distract. Gorgeous work - thank you so much for all the effort you put into this piece because it really shows. Keep making music!
  14. Mind blown. I must admit I was lukewarm, but about 3/4 of the way through the song really unleashed everything it had, and I was sold. This pulsing melody has ridiculous energy.
  15. Scarily well arranged - every time I thought to myself I was craving something nice and simple, you put in those awesome chippy synths and choir pads! You have a nack for knowing how to time everything. This is a great piece; keep up the good work.
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