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Drum Programming

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Sorry for not being any help, but I'm looking for some good guides on the same thing, actually. I can program basic beats but the type of stuff you hear in breakbeat and dnb really goes over my head. If there's any good tutorials out there on making those types of beats, I'd really appreciate it.

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So today I really started out in earnest in working in Logic Pro and I realized, I had no clue as to how to really work with drums. Does anyone have any particular guides that would be of an assistance?

Here is a pictoral how to. This is WAY Logic 101, but I don't know what you know so I'll start with basics.

Step #1

Logic is open and your autoload seesion is showing. Arrange window. Click and hold the empty button just above the outputs, so you see this.


This will load Logic Pro's drum sequencer UltraBeat.

Step #2

Back in the arrange window use your pencil tool (Hot Key: ESC) to draw an empty region on your track.


Step #3

Double click the region to open the MIDI Region Window. Using the pencil tool in the MIDI Region Window draw notes. This can be time consuming so most artists/engineers use a control surface (I tend to use either my MPC or my Oxygen 8.


You've now created (using a sample library) a drum part. The only other things are adding inserts (Dynamic based effects) or sends (time based effects). If you're looking to get a quick D'n'B sound you can add distortion plugs, I recommend bitcrusher as an insert.

Like I said, this is a 101. But I hope it helps.


How do you prefer to do drums; as a sample library plug-in on an instrument track, or as rendered audio files on an audio track? What is your preferred work method?

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