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  1. Stevo Hijack: Listed here is information regarding all albums/projects actively recruiting members. It includes albums/projects that have attained OCR-official status, as well as those which have not. Please keep in mind the guidelines for project acceptance by OCR, found here: Project Guidelines And please, folks. Don't hesitate to submit for official OCR approval once you feel like you've gotten your project to a point where you can demonstrate the quality of the album and can basically assure completion of the project. Approved /// Active Final Fantasy VIII: Collision Course (Directors: OC ReMix Staff, Status: Resuming in Q1 2019) Flat Notes: A Paper Mario ReMix Album (Directors: RECKENEFIN, Hylian Lemon, Status: No songs remaining! Next Deadline 2/28/13) Paths Less Traveled Vol.1: Terranigma (Directors: Odai, Trism, Jorito, Status: Recruiting) Approved /// Inactive Banjo-Kazooie Status: Private (Closed to the Public) Chrono Cross Status: Private (Closed to the Public) Dirge for the Follin Project Director: Liontamer Status: Private (Closed to the Public) Dragon Warrior: Children of Erdick Project Director: Rexy Assistant Director: Monobrow (contact her if you're interested, not Rexy) Status: Still looking for people & tracks - PM Monobrow for more details, and check the new thread! Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time ReMix Project Project Directors: Theophany, Emunator Status: On hold, please hold off on submitting any tracks Lufia II: Of Gods and Men Project Director: Bahamut, Gario Status: Numerous non-highly-desired tracks still available. Shonen Jump Remix Album Pending Approval Jigsaw Memories: A B-K Series Album Project Director: Kirvee Status: Still Recruiting. Breath of Fire I & II Project Director: Tuberz McGee Status: Recruiting. No current deadlines. Donkey Kong 64 Project Director: Mairujyat Project Co-Director: SoSiouxMe Status: Recruiting. Next Deadline 02/13/13 Super Dr. Mario RPG Project Director: Arrow Status: Tracklist available. Accepting claims. Legend of Mana Remix Project Project Director: Kuolema Status: Recruiting, making progress! Next Deadline 3/4/13 Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - On the Breath of the Wind Project Director: Swifthom Status: Still recruiting, see thread! Mario Kart: Road Rage Project Director: pokemoneinstein Status: Recruiting! Super Metroid: Fear Companion Soundtrack Project Director: DrevanZero Status: Recruiting
  2. Bahamut

    OverClocked ReTreat

    I'd be down - I anticipated that the MAGFest experience would be completely different with the hotel room issue, and was super frustrated by the hotel booking process/expense (it's bad that 6 nights in central London was cheaper than 3 nights at the Gaylord...), so I rage quit going getting a lot of pile on vitriol by MAGFest staffers when I tried to suggest options to improve the process based on basically every other event I participate/attempt to participate in that have the exact same issues but solve them in a reasonable fashion several months before the atrocious booking process was announced. IMO such a meetup shouldn't be tethered to a con, and should probably rotate locations so as to give a better chance of others in the community to join in, as well as give fresh sights/stuff to do. I also recommend being flexible with dates since ideally we could pick dates that work best for the community/aren't as expensive to travel on. I'd definitely be up for helping out covering some costs & would be willing to fly out to such an event.
  3. Hello everyone! I am back to help contribute to the community, and the next new album project I previously was getting together was for Secret of Mana. After a couple of years of mostly absence, I return to finish this good work up! This was started originally with the aim of getting it out in time for the 20th anniversary of Secret of Mana, but it came and went, and real life kept me too busy. Directors: Bahamut, pu_freak Here is the tracklist: 01 - Fear of the Heavens (claimed by Ergosonic) 02 - A Curious Tale (claimed by Hylian Lemon) 03 - Phantom and a Rose (claimed by zyko) 04 - Together Always (claimed by Hakstock) 05 - Fond Memories 06 - Into the Thick of It (claimed by Ergosonic) 07 - The Color of the Summer Sky (claimed by Rexy) 08 - Dancing Animals (claimed by Guifrog) 09 - Distant Thunder (claimed by halc) 10 - The Little Sprite (claimed by Audio Fidelity, bustatunez, DrumUltimA, Jeff Ball, Abi Coffer) 11 - It Happened One Evening (claimed by Guifrog) 12 - In the Dead of Night 13 - Mystic Invasion (claimed by evktalo) 14 - Secret of the Arid Sands 15 - What the Forest Taught Me (claimed by Harmony & djpretzel) 16 - A Wish 17 - Spirit of the Night (claimed by RebeccaETripp) 18 - Did You See the Ocean (claimed by Ergosonic) 19 - Danger (claimed by Sagnewshreds & jnWake) 20 - Calm Before the Storm (claimed by PabloComa) 21 - The Wind Never Ceases 22 - Flight of the Unknown (claimed by Sagnewshreds) 23 - Eternal Recurrence (claimed by pu_freak) 24 - The Legend (claimed by Devastus) 25 - A Bell is Tolling (claimed by Chernabogue) 26 - A Curious Happening 27 - Monarch on the Shore 28 - The Dark Star (claimed by Darangen) 29 - Prophecy (claimed by Sbeast) 30 - Steel and Snare 31 - Whisper and Mantra (claimed by RebeccaETripp) 32 - Ceremony (claimed by Radiowar) 33 - Morning is Here 34 - Leave Time For Love (claimed by GaMetal) 35 - Still of the Night (claimed by Ergosonic) 37 - The Oracle (claimed by The Legendary Zoltan) 38 - A Conclusion 39 - I Won’t Forget (also rearranged in Seiken Densetsu 3 - Where Angels Fear to Tread) 40 - One of Them is Hope 41 - Meridian Dance (claimed by Fishy) 42 - Now Flightless Wings (claimed by Mikeaudio) 43 - The Second Truth From the Left (claimed by Sir Jordanius) 44 - I Closed My Eyes (claimed by dannthr) Red means claimed, but no WIP Green means claimed, with a rough WIP Purple means claimed, with a good progress WIP Magenta means claimed, with a near completion WIP Blue means the final wav is in my hands More info to come shortly, but feel free to message me about unclaimed tracks (sources linked in tracklist) & proof of quality (if unposted mixer).
  4. Man, its been a while - first off I'd like to apologize for everyone for dropping the ball on this. I could not give this the attention it deserved ultimately, especially after embarking on my career almost 5 years ago. I'm in a good place now, but way too exhausted & busy to do much except maybe build websites, my domain of expertise. I'm glad to see that it has sped up to completion over the past year! I am excited to see what everyone has whipped up .
  5. Bahamut

    OCR Secret Santa 2016

    Sorry for the delay, but Secret Santa 2016 is on! Here's the link to the form for filling out the info for those who want to be in for this year: Please fill out the form before November 23rd if you want to be a part of it. An annual reminder - please don't fret too much over spending money for the Secret Santa. Some of the most creative gifts can be free! Please try to be thoughtful though. People participating: Bahamut BardicKnowledge Capa Langley Cosmic Prism DragonAvenger Esperado Flexstyle GSO Hyperion5182 JenZ Kanthos kitty Koriantor Miyakan Obtuse ProjectSpam prophetik music pu_freak Rexy Sixto The Damned The Nikanoru TheShaggyFreak Wiesty wildfire
  6. Post your thoughts on the album here! NOTE: As it says in the Read Me: Lossless versions were not available for "Lucidic," "Villa," and "Eagle Tower." Hence the MP3s in the FLAC folder to fill in the gaps.
  7. Bahamut

    Lufia II: Of Gods and Men

    Project Directors: Bahamut, Gario The project lives! ETA for completion - September Here's what we have marked down so far: Rumbling (claimed by Brandon Strader) Setting Off (claimed by Evory) Tranquility (claimed by Darangen) Battle #1 (claimed by DaMonz) The Earth (claimed by Moseph) Cave (claimed by Rockos) Castle (claimed by Mozzaratti) Labyrinth (claimed by bLiNd) Door to the Journey (claimed by Rockos) Tranquility (claimed by PabloComa) Tower (claimed by Gario) Battle #2 (claimed by hakstock) Prophet (claimed by Darangen) Winter (claimed by Brandon Strader) Port City (claimed by Flexstyle) Lexus Shaia Laboratory (claimed by Monobrow) Great Depths of the Sea (claimed by Artem Bank) The Silent World (claimed by DjjD) The Dreamer's Flute (claimed by Abadoss) Temple (claimed by Gario) Beyond the Azure Skies (claimed by Cyril the Wolf) The Sealed Watchtower (zyko) Time of Judgment (claimed by bLiNd) Battle #3 (claimed by Prince of Darkness & SnappleMan) The One Who Will Save the Earth (claimed by Cyril the Wolf) To the Future (claimed by XPRTNovice) Purifia Flowers (Audio Fidelity) Tracks in red are claimed but with no WIP currently Tracks in green are claimed and with a rough WIP Tracks in purple are claimed and with a WIP with some work done Tracks in orange are claimed and with some substantial work done Tracks in violet are claimed and are almost (or are) wav worthy Tracks in blue are claimed and with a final wav in Deadlines: April 30 June 30 August 31 Here are the remaining sources left - note that at this stage, we only want people who can finish tracks rapidly since we are quickly getting the project up to completion. Towering Mountain The Final Decisive Battle Town The Worlds Greatest Heist Despair Trembling The World's Strongest Man After the Ceremony Spring Summer Autumn Blue Waters Universe in a Jar Final Battle - plays here in game The Four Gods Parting Grief
  8. Bahamut

    OCR Secret Santa 2016

    Heads up @Kanthos and @theshaggyfreak, your gifts will be arriving late.
  9. Bahamut

    OCR Secret Santa 2016

    I just sent out all the matches (except to @Mikayan - enable messages or let me know how I can relay it!) - happy giving!
  10. Bahamut

    OCR Secret Santa 2016

    I'm going to do the matchings a little later when I get home - you can still sign up in the meantime, but once I lock it down, I am likely doing the pairings/sending out the PMs.
  11. Bahamut

    OCR Secret Santa 2016

    Last day to join in the fun! Tomorrow I will do the randomization and match people - for the curious, I open sourced my matching implementation:
  12. Bahamut

    OCR Secret Santa 2016

    Bumping this up - got until Wednesday!
  13. Bahamut

    OCR Secret Santa 2015

    Hey everyone, it's that time of the year again - the OCR Secret Santa! Signups are now! Just mosey your way over to and add in your information and I will add you to the list. Then come back here to post any particular items you would like to potentially receive, or other random finds. An important note: how expensive a gift is should not matter - people have given great low cost gifts in the past, some handmade. Do not let money be a deterrent, as it is not necessary for giving a good gift. Participating: Anorax Arrow Bahamut Bardic Knowledge Capa Langley Cash Chernabogue Cosmic Sounds DragonAvenger Flexstyle Hyperion5182 JaDeARanHaRuNo kitty Koriantor Project Spam OA prophetik music Rexy Supercoolmike Tables The Damned theshaggyfreak wildfire
  14. Damn, Lashmush did Kefka and Lavos? Taking on some big songs there
  15. Bahamut

    Current OCR Projects Situation: Analysis and Solutions

    Informally, you have to create a proposal and send it to staff with a rough estimated timeline, initial artist list for tracks, summary of album concept, and desires for what the album will require. I'd talk with a staff member more versed on these things though, I've been out of the loop for years .
  16. Bahamut

    Lufia II: Of Gods and Men

    Just note, we'll need a quick turnaround (aiming to have the music 100% done by the end of the ~6 months, will release as is at that point), but I would absolutely love for this to be done - I'm fine with it if you are.
  17. Almost every time I leave a forum tab open and I get a notification, I see a weird character pop up on the title where it should say ([number of notifications]) - this is on Firefox on Windows 10, and Chrome on OS X.
  18. @evktalo: shooting for six 2 month check-ins currently, dates haven't been formalized yet, but expect them sometime next week. @Odai: We had an artist on the project already, but I think we may need another since this is a Square game (which means we need lots of custom artwork).
  19. Just marked you guys down for Danger and @Sagnewshreds for Flight Into the Unknown
  20. @Neblix & @Hipnotyk: done
  21. Mainly I want the music to sound organic, but otherwise, no particular restrictions.
  22. Oh yeah, that's not a problem at all
  23. Depends on what you have in mind .
  24. dannthr - what track would you like to do? Jay - I'll mark you down, I'm sure finding the live instrumentation you want will be possible. I know Doug mentioned to me he'd be willing to collab when I talked to him last week, and there are a couple of violinists around the community. I'll help contact people you need if you want.