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help removing noise from audio tracks?


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I tried fiddling around with audacity for an hour but couldn't quite remove the noise without making these two tracks sound robotic/distorted.

I would appreciate it if someone could try and get the noise off these two remixes which I would like to use for lyrical jazz dance in a school production.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I have no real idea about remixing/sound editing.

here are the links.

Dead and gone remix:


Bleeding Love remix:


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an excellent way to remove fuzz is to actually buy the song on iTunes or something. the fuzz you're hearing is a result of the song being downsampled so significantly that major sections of the audio soundscape have actually been removed.

seriously. they're a dollar. the remix is pretty damn poor anyways. anyone here could do a better job.

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i'd buy the song, but the full length song is far too long to be used in a choroegraphed piece.

Also the remix sound quality, while maybe poor, the actual remix is very genre appropriate (lyrical).

Hence why I'm asking for help ( =

Also the main source of noise is audience clapping/cheering which is exceedinly distracting.

Or perhaps if someone used the original songs and remixed something similar, of a short length <2 minutes, to those songs and lyrics that would also be appreciated.

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