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  1. Hello I was told to post here, anyways I'm looking for a remix of dead and gone that resembles this <url>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ap55A45tBrw&feature=related</url> Its for a lyrical jazz dance, and needs to be about 1;40 1:50 in length, and similar in composition to this one, I'd like to it to be fairly distortion free with emphasis on lyrics (lyrical dance) Heres the lyrics used in the remix, I'd prefer it if it stayed the same. Originally I tried downloading the audio and cleaning the noise, but theres too much distortion and low sound quality. I'd greatly appreciate
  2. the 1-2 month thing is taken from the Synerstrech manual, a reputable document with some basis in science. An average Joe will not reach his maximum flexibility in 1-2 months , without correct technique and a very well structured program featuring PNF and static stretching. the 1-2 months i should clarify is not a guideline for all people, however it IS possible, although it is NOT recommended for growing people, or without a solid understanding of what you're doing - overstretching being a key concern. The planche example was probably uneccesary in retrospect, however the point still stands t
  3. i'd buy the song, but the full length song is far too long to be used in a choroegraphed piece. Also the remix sound quality, while maybe poor, the actual remix is very genre appropriate (lyrical). Hence why I'm asking for help ( = Also the main source of noise is audience clapping/cheering which is exceedinly distracting. Or perhaps if someone used the original songs and remixed something similar, of a short length <2 minutes, to those songs and lyrics that would also be appreciated.
  4. especially among men, FLEXIBILITY is very, very underrated. Correctly done (that is not overstretching, or trying to stretch beyond your maximum level, will increase range of motion, muscular strength and endurance. Combined with weightlifting activities, you will have less risk of injury, stronger and more lean muscles, as well as greater endurance. my friend recently picked up a book called 'Stretching anatomy' by Nelson and KIkkononen off amazon, and its been very helpful, very colorful and indepth without being overwhelming. Flexibility doesn't take too long to develop done correctly, maxi
  5. I tried fiddling around with audacity for an hour but couldn't quite remove the noise without making these two tracks sound robotic/distorted. I would appreciate it if someone could try and get the noise off these two remixes which I would like to use for lyrical jazz dance in a school production. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I have no real idea about remixing/sound editing. here are the links. Dead and gone remix: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ap55A45tBrw Bleeding Love remix: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_QK_Wuunpw&feature=related
  6. zircon speaks the truth. Russel Cox makes good music. Therefore he R WINNAH, or maybe I've had too much to drink
  7. this song is pure awesome. Blew me away. Reading peoples reviews of it could not brace me for the sheer power of that song. The best remix I have EVER heard. Nobuo Uematsus black mages would want to rip this off, THIS is how you remix Final Fantasy!
  8. Beautiful orchestration. One of the best Terra remixes, although i prefer Terra in Black, this is damn good!
  9. my god russell cox your right, you have a priest as well right? inspector rasuvious is sooo fun, my guild won't let me do it yet though, because I have no +spell hit gear lying around haha, my MC always breaks early and big o.0. heh, i agree with you on most of the fights, its great when a fresh fight comes up for us priesty's. P.s. your Final fantasy remixes are awesome xD, your name sounded familiar.
  10. Curious, what boss fights do you consider to be the most fun, doesn't matter endgame or not AQ, BWL, MC whatever, post your thoughts. For me Nefarian is pretty fun, but no way near as fun as Twin Emperors fight in AQ40. Ah that was fun , (but not the repair bill rofl), nothing beats the exhiliration of caning those twins. C'thun's cool too, giant eye beams, and tentacles are cool.
  11. Well Sorry Mr. suzembachi, I did not google, anything, then again there's no point arguing with someone as crude as you. The warrior ability overpower? what has that have to do with my response. Geez your attack, if something as pitiful as that can be called one, is completely off the topic. Cookie Cutter you say? hmmm... says alot about you. Honestly, READ something properly before you attempt to rebutt... The fact still stands, rogues are the last class anyone with a perfunctory knowledge of WoW would say needs nerfing... anyways nice attempt at trolling, but as people would say "Lrn2troll"
  12. http://ctprofiles.net/1680203 currently @ 860 +healing, target 1000 The fact that you see fit to judge other classes and make assumptions says alot. No, not in your favour. This is not a flame, but a statement, people are too quick to jump to the conclusion that rogues are overpowered.
  13. No rogues are NOT overpowered, they need the most loving out of ANY class in WoW hands down... You argue that hey rogues can kill anything sure they can. And so can a holy priest... Rogues with full cooldowns>pretty much anything... pretty much anything>rogue with nothing available. Far out they're not damage machines anymore... Hell they're damage is becoming laughable, backed by horrendous itemisation. Indeed 5 piece nightslayer is prefered by rogues in pvp b/c it blows bloodfang out of the water. here is an example of ridiculous itemisation... C'thun leather belt +64 attack power 20 s
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