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Direct any iPhone 2g/3g unlock/jailbreak questions this way

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Followed all the steps you listed exactly and I got the exact same issue that I did on Windows 7: unable to recognize ipsw file.

I also never upgraded past 2.2.1 because it costs $10 to buy the 3.0 firmware, so screw that.

Have any insights?

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shit, hmmmm

ok I guess try it on xp; ive never had your specific error but when i did have windows 7 errors i went over to an xp comp and did the exact same thing and it worked.

alternatively, try restoring back to 2.2 and do the same deal, windows 7 first, xp if 7 is a no go.

all else fails, spring for os3, a lot of the good jailbreak programs have been certified to work with 3 now so its less of a risk.

keep me up to date!

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Well tried another Win7 computer. Same thing. For now I've decided to just reorganize my ipod until my friend moves in with his XP comp.

But another problem came up. All my third party apps crash to the main screen when I try to load them. I think it has to do with licensing issues because all the default apps work. I've had this issue before and it came up and went away at an annoying rate but then it stopped all of a sudden.

Things I've tried with no luck: deleting and redownloading apps, downloading another app from the appstore, rebooting the ipod, restoring to factory settings and restoring from a backup

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