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Acoustic Guitar Samples

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The composition is fairly nice and chilled out, I think you did quite a good job on that, but good samples are hard to come by. I feel your pain. the ones you have now are alright for composing the piece, but i would say try to find some better ones for the final mix. the acoustic samples don't sound bad, but they're still easily identified as samples : / Still, like I said, I think the piece as a whole sounds pretty nice, even with the samples you have. because the sound of something really depends what your end goal is. like if you're planning to make pop music, game music, just for fun, etc... there's all kinds of different standards.

i usually judge from an indie music standpoint, which is why i say the samples could use some work. but like i said, i definitely feel your pain. definitely one of the most challenging aspects of making electronic music would be finding sounds we are happy with. i think you've got the music part down, just work on your production : )

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