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Korg Ds-10 anyone? AND skinny puppy/Ohgr fans???


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i didnt want to take up two Posts with this so i consolidated my points of interests into one thread, haw haw haw

ok, anyone have any hands on experience with the Korg ds-10 for (duh) nintendo ds????

i've only seen amateur reviews for it on youtube, and it looks pretty coooo. They're saying and what im seeing is something of an actually honest to goodness instrument.

check it oooooutt!!!


any skinny puppy/OhGr fans?? or anyone just want to kill a few minutes???

play my stupid game i made


and the stupid deluxe version/sequel(?)



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The only person I know who has some experience with Korg DS-10 is Stemage of Metroid Metal, who used it on the MP2 Torvus Bog remix track. You should hit him up and get his input.

Though hopefully someone HERE has some knowledge on it.

*raises hand* Yep, I have some basic knowledge on the matter, having just made the music for a game with it. Its a networkable game of Pong which works for both LAN and internet play. If you want to take a look, both the soundtrack and the game can be downloaded here: http://www.divshare.com/download/7902360-c41

It's not the best use of Korg around, but given that I had less than two days to do this and the art...I'm content. Feel free to critique though, I'm always open to advice on how to improve :<

I know that some people can make some insanely good stuff though; I'm not that great with this sort of music creation (I generally stick to ambient sound creation and such; electro isn't my best skill), but I've seen videos of people doing full remixes/original songs that sound really good. And a Korg DS version of good old Rick Astley :D

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korg ds-10 is kinda old news but it is pretty addictive. i actually got to play with it for a while just the other day. you can make some pretty cool chiptune-ish stuff in a short amount of time, and it has a pretty decent interface

also, skinny puppy rocks

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