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Solo Piano Piece


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Not bad by any means - I really liked it at the 1:10 mark.

I don't think you overdid the humanizing - in fact, I think it wasn't quite "human" enough when the right hand was playing the melody. Not in that it didn't sound like human hands were playing, but it didn't really sound like a human was creating the melody. What I mean to say is that the melody is a bit too simple; you don't need to change it, but you could be a little more creative with it. Right now it sounds a little too robotic.

Also, I think it'd help if you got another program to help make the piano sound better; changes in note intensity as well as reverb and a more realistic voice would help the song sound much smoother.

Not bad though. Just could use some touch-ups. :] Anyway, nice work.

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Probably the best thing I've done so far. Comments and criticisms, please.

Let me know if I over did the humanizing.


That's an mp3 version I created by putting your MIDI through Fruityloops I put it through a piano soundfont to give it a real nice human feel...

NOTE: I don't own this song I just did him a little kindness by putting it through Fruityloops with a real piano sound.

I don't think it's very easy to critique a MIDI.

Probably the best thing you've done so far? That's an understatement. Next to "Those Who Fight" (Advent Children piano version), this is probably the best piano piece I've ever heard. Minus the solo which could use a little more human and less machine gun-ny effect.

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