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The Dream

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If by a dream you mean a nightmare lololol

Just kidding, this is actually not too bad. I would prefer a more complex beat throughout the song for the drums, so far it's pretty simple especially in the beginning even though there's room and possibilities to make the drums, well, more complex to make them a little (or a lot) more interesting. They're better as the song advances though.

Also, I'd advice you to try and see if you can throw other lead instruments to the mix as well. Kinda like you did in around 2:30, actually, if I'm not sorely mistaken. Nice breakdown at 4:01. I like the ethnic instrument, though the sound could be better since it sounds artificial now. You could try adding some reverb into it as well maybe?

Overall, I thought this piece was pretty decent, no major problems, although with some tweaking it could be noticeably better.

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Haha xD. Well for one that isn't an ethnic instrument it's a regular strum guitar patch that I used I guess it does sound ethnic though. And the drums I kinda was goin for simple yet not simple at the same time I guess meaning I didn't attempt to make them complex. The lead... Well guess I could have but I don't know I felt like I couldn't add anymore without cluttering the mix but that could be a young mind speaking lol.

Thank you man I really appreciate that you took the time to listen to this. It's freakin hard to get feedback or whatever in the originals sub thread but I got one so I'm happy but more would be GREAT xD!!

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This track's well put together, but not really my style. Something about breakbeat electronica just doesn't interest me anymore, nothing to do with you or your track (don't want to bring you down here). But I will say that as far as the genre goes, this track is technically really good, but not really catchy, I agree that adding another lead could maybe address that. I think trying to make the drums pop more with compression and the like could make the mix sound fuller, but then again, I get the feeling this is more of a chillout track and not meant to be in your face.

Like I said, good work though :D

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