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Amayirot Akago

Space Ace (SNES) - Dodging Obstacles & Energize!

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It's me again, with my latest musical obsession. Having recently watched a Let's Play of this game on Youtube (and having played the original version on DVD), I went on a search for an SPC of this game's music and by golly, I even found one.

The file is in RSN format, which can be renamed to RAR to get at the individual SPC files within. The songs I'm referring to are sace-02.spn and sace-03.spn.

Listening to the music, you'll probably agree it sounds very flat and MIDI-ish, which is where you remixers come in. I'd love to hear a rearrangement of these two songs together to make it sound closer to the arcade original. Of course, as always, feel free to try something different in whatever style you see fit.

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