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NI release free Kontakt sample player + 650 MB of free samples

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Looks like Kontakt, minus some of the more advanced editing features (though I don't know what exactly).

The extra sample libraries are nice, but what I'm really glad about is that this opens the door on a lot of free Kontakt samples I couldn't use previously.

EDIT: Apparently there's a 30-minute time limit imposed on 3rd party sample libraries.

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Kontakt was the thing I was most interested in from that $400 Komplete 5 deal last month. I'm so glad I didn't buy it. Does this allow you to use all existing Kontakt sample libraries but just disables advanced editing, or do things have to be specifically intended for the stripped-down player?

The NI site appears to be screwed up right now. Too many downloaders, perhaps. It's just showing me a bunch of unformatted links.

EDIT: Existing libraries are fully supported. Here's a story about it for those who can't access the NI site.

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Yeah, I ended up finding that out a little while ago. What a disappointment.

I think you can set it up so you load the same group of instruments quickly? That way, you don't spend so much time reloading your instruments and the plugin when the demo mode ends.

EDIT: Contrary to what some on the KVR thread have said, instruments in demo mode DO render.

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