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Competition to win a copy of Wii Sports Resort

Urban Xperience

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Hi everyone. Not sure if this is the right place to post so do forgive me if I have done so: I have been a long time lurker of OCR ever since I was given a CD-R of some remixes by a friend and instantly fell in love with Rayza's Guile Theme remix. I'm probably not very well known (I'd be surprised if someone did know me though!) but I felt this would be something of interest to some (if not many).

I am currently promoting my new flash gaming portal specialising in free online car games - www.MyCarGames.co.uk

At the moment there is a 'little bit of work' to do on the site, but content wise, there are hundreds of car games ranging from driving, parking and even the odd drive by shooting games! We are adding a game a day so do feel free to check back often as our gaming library is increasing every day.

To give it as much exposure as possible, every week we offer a gaming related freebie, and this week I am giving one lucky visitor a chance to win a free copy of Wii Sports Resort (PAL version). Simply register to our weekly newsletter via www.MyCarGames.co.uk by Thursday 13th August and we will email the winner on that day! Entries are open to all territories!

Good luck and please help a long time lurker by playing at least 1 game on the website.

Please note that in future, we will offer PS3 / Xbox 360 related goodies too so that my North American bretheren will not be left out :-)

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