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Does anyone have Dreams Come True by Star Salzman(no vocals version) ?


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Sorry for posting this in multiple forums but I want to make sure it gets read by as many people as possible.

I was wondering if anyone had this song and could send it to me? Star sent it to me years ago and like a complete moron, I didn't back it up. Star had it on his site for a little bit but took it down awhile ago. I contacted him but he doesn't have it anymore. I also asked Protricity but he doesn't have it either. If anyone could be of any help, that would be awesome! I desperately want this version. Even if you don't have it but know someone that might, PLEASE ask them for me! Your help would be immensely appreciated! I am willing to PayPal the person $20 who helps me get it.


$20 to the person who gets you a free MP3?

Sounds like a scam or at least mind-bendingly odd.

Its a lot easier to just ASK Star Salzman if he's got it. Like go to his website at http://www.starblast.org/music.php?sort=remix or maybe his Myspace page.

No one on Earth should ever have to pay $20 for a song.

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