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OCR01947 - *YES* Super Mario 64 'Big-Band Battlefield'

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The artist should be considered The University of Toronto 10 O'Clock Big Band, but The Runaway Five will get an associated credit since several members were involved - LT

Contact Information:

ReMixer name (band name): The Runaway Five

Real Name (band members): Brendan McElroy, Brendan Swanson, Alex Goodman, Matt MacLean, Brent Mah, Spencer Cheyne

Submission Information:

Game: Super Mario 64

Song: Bob-Omb Battlefield

Remix Title: Big-Band Battlefield

Additional comments: Arranged by: Brendan McEroy (April 2009). Performed by: the University of Toronto 10 O'Clock Big Band: DIRECTED BY: Terry Promane, Rhythm Section - Brendan McElroy (Bass), Tyson Kerr (Piano), Mack Longpre (Drums), Alex Goodman (Guitar), Trumpets - Matt MacLean, Ryan Brower, Jesse Malone, Marie Gaudy, Trombones - Steve Ward, Robin Jessome, Aidan Sibley, Josh Bird, Saxophones - Taylor Cook (Alto), Brendan Cassidy (Alto), Rob Christian (Tenor), Dave Rubel (Tenor), Anthony Rindaldi (Baritone).

This is the only recording I have of this arrangement and it may have some clipping, etc. It's a pretty decent recording for a handheld recorder so hopefully it suffices. Also, there was some quality loss as I tried to make it fit the size req for submissions. The past few submissions have been denied based on a limited amount of source track present. Hopefully this fits the req. It's a little hard to recognize but the intro is straight from the source track as well (the second half of the melody). I also added a shout chorus featuring a bunch of other Mario melodies. I hope you all like it! A four horn arrangement of this piece can be found on our myspace as well!

Brendan McElroy

The Runaway Five




http://www.zophar.net/download_file/12246 - (05) "Super Mario 64 Main Theme"

Very close to direct posting this one, but figured depending on how you count it, it could be just under 50%. Here's my breakdown:

0:00-1:40 - melodies and chords

1:45-2:25 - chords

2:27-2:47 - original chords (not counting this)

2:47-3:22 - chords

4:35-4:38 - ref

4:40-4:41 - ref

4:44-4:46 - ref

4:51-5:04 - ref (counting the silence - it's part of the song!)

5:08-6:28 - melodies and chords

Just counting the first and last sections and the references puts this at 199 seconds / 389 seconds (chopping off the last 5 seconds of silence) = 51.2%. Giving them credit for the chords puts it well over the line.

I loved the job they did with this and it's my favorite Runaway Five piece yet. The key changes in the B-section were risky but interesting, and the laidback bar atmosphere of the recording adds mucho charm. Gotta love the guy ordering something halfway through the song. Awesome work, you all!


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I I think this is really charming. The atmosphere is great, and for a handheld recorder there is a nostalgic, warm sound to everything. Arrangementwise, there is enough dominant source, and plenty of interpretation. Some nice solos (your bari player is a monster), and everything clicks. The drum solo was a little bit self-indulgent, but I can dig it.

Overall nice work by everyone, this is great. :-)


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This is a very clever arrangement. Some very nice work done on the rhythm of the melody and the dabs of new harmony fit nicely. Nothin' wrong with a bit of self indulgence in jazz. Also enjoyed the inclusion of the underworld theme.

The recording quality including the random dudes talking just add to the charm of a big band, it feels like you're there watching it there in a small cosy club. Nice stuff all around and look forward to more subs from you guys.


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Recording definitely has a certain character, but I think it's a good quality. Performance is ace, arrangement is good and just above the bar source-wise and it's very groovy in general. The recording probably could've been beefed up somehow in post-production but this is definitely good enough.

Keep being awesome.


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