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Kingdom Hearts - Will play in #1 KH Podcast


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Hey OCR,

Name's Kyle, and over on GamingUnion.net I host and produce a Final Fantasy podcast, as well as a Kingdom Hearts Podcast. The FF podcast, "The FXN Final Fantasy Podcast", has been going for almost 2 years, and we plug/play an OC ReMix every episode.

Thankfully there's a ton of FF music on OCR, and we frequently seek permission to use OC ReMixes (though sometimes a show is so quickly planned that we select a song, and make extra sure to plug the artist). However, we recently started the Kingdom Hearts podcast, called Kingdom Hearts Union, and it's exploding on iTunes. Our first episode featured Sephfire's "Above the Rising Falls" from KH1.

Problem is there isn't much KH music on OCR, so if we continue playing an OCR-made KH remix at the end of each show, we're going to run out pretty quickly! We love playing OCR music, and the listeners love hearing the music and finding out about OCR, so I just wanted to throw it out there that any remixer that remixes a Kingdom Hearts tune and has it pass the OCR judges, we will play on our podcast and plug/promote the song and artist in the show.

We've had 4,000 listeners of each episode we've released (we keep it bi-weekly), and it just continues to increase. We interviewed the voice actor for Ansem/Xehanort in our latest episode, and it was a huge hit and got the podcast into the top 20 video game podcasts on the iTunes USA store. Just today we secured an interview with the voice actor of Axel, and that's only going to be bigger.

So yeah, just wanted to encourage remixers to remix some Kingdom Hearts tunes, and as some incentive, we'll play it on Kingdom Hearts Union, put links on GamingUnion.net to the remix, and of course promote the artist behind the remix.

Any questions, please just chuck 'em at me. My email address is also kyle@gamingunion.net

You can hear the first episode of KHU here: http://www.gamingunion.net/podcasts/kingdom-hearts-union-episode-1.html

You can find KHU on iTunes here: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=328487114

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