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    Aside from studying Journalism in College and all around always enjoying myself, I'm the Content Manager of FF-XIII.net. As well I'm also FF-XIII.net's FXN FInal Fantasy XIII Podcast Host, which also entails organizing the monthly show (available on iTunes, just search FXN).
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  1. Would definitely be an unforgettable time! Sign me up OCR!
  2. Hey OCR, Name's Kyle, and over on GamingUnion.net I host and produce a Final Fantasy podcast, as well as a Kingdom Hearts Podcast. The FF podcast, "The FXN Final Fantasy Podcast", has been going for almost 2 years, and we plug/play an OC ReMix every episode. Thankfully there's a ton of FF music on OCR, and we frequently seek permission to use OC ReMixes (though sometimes a show is so quickly planned that we select a song, and make extra sure to plug the artist). However, we recently started the Kingdom Hearts podcast, called Kingdom Hearts Union, and it's exploding on iTunes. Our first episode featured Sephfire's "Above the Rising Falls" from KH1. Problem is there isn't much KH music on OCR, so if we continue playing an OCR-made KH remix at the end of each show, we're going to run out pretty quickly! We love playing OCR music, and the listeners love hearing the music and finding out about OCR, so I just wanted to throw it out there that any remixer that remixes a Kingdom Hearts tune and has it pass the OCR judges, we will play on our podcast and plug/promote the song and artist in the show. We've had 4,000 listeners of each episode we've released (we keep it bi-weekly), and it just continues to increase. We interviewed the voice actor for Ansem/Xehanort in our latest episode, and it was a huge hit and got the podcast into the top 20 video game podcasts on the iTunes USA store. Just today we secured an interview with the voice actor of Axel, and that's only going to be bigger. So yeah, just wanted to encourage remixers to remix some Kingdom Hearts tunes, and as some incentive, we'll play it on Kingdom Hearts Union, put links on GamingUnion.net to the remix, and of course promote the artist behind the remix. Any questions, please just chuck 'em at me. My email address is also kyle@gamingunion.net You can hear the first episode of KHU here: http://www.gamingunion.net/podcasts/kingdom-hearts-union-episode-1.html You can find KHU on iTunes here: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=328487114
  3. Sweet, glad you sent the email man . I've been eagerly awaiting the results for the competition since December, haha. I understand it taking so long to organize, you guys aren't exactly getting less busy these days, so no worries. Probably helps I'm patient as all hell, heh. I wonder how many of those 17 videos belong to the FF7 Footage Category.
  4. Sweet, looking forward to the results! Will you guys be posting links to all the entries or just the winners? Would be cool to see all the videos that went into the competition.
  5. Don't mean to be a stickler, but is this back in swing now? Kinda have us on our toes wondering what's happening with this after making all the videos.
  6. Getting down to the wire for a specific day to reveal the winners, guess it'll just be revealed when they're ready in the next two or three days or so. Unless the judging isn't finished in the posted time, anyone got any insider info on the progress so far? Competition is looking pretty dang close!
  7. I've got myself a Mac, so I'm not aware of any NLE Programs outside of the Apple Co. family. Final Cut Express was a reasonable deal with my Student Discount though. It'll be nice to have more than 2 audio streams too finally!
  8. Shiza, that's a truck load. Think I'm living in the stone age too, I did mine in iMovie with 1 video stream. Final Cut Express can't get to my door fast enough, about time I bought it!
  9. phantasmagoriat, that is really well done. Only gripe I've got is I didn't understand that much was was going on, not a major problem though. The cuts were really well done throughout the whole video, and I love how you capture such a frantic feel that matched the music so well during those crazy moments. May I ask roughly how many cuts you have in the video that you had done yourself? My was 50-60 or so.
  10. Here's my video for the Voices of the Lifestream AMV competition. It's to Rellik's piece, "Chasing the Storm". I think it turned out very well myself and it's exactly what I was hoping it would be. I'll give you the story I have for after the link incase you would prefer to see if you can determine what the story is. http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=pmxFtSW1atU I like to tell stories in my AMVs that aren't the same as the videos original story. In this AMV it's of Kadaj calling up Cloud and Tifa to tell them his intents to kidnap the Denzel, Marlene and Rufus, and that they're already to late, and it goes from there. I tried to devote each different segment of the song, Chasing the Storm, to a subsequent part of the story. I did my best to have each scene fit the mood of the music. So yeah, I hope all those things came across to you as you were watching or about to watch. Also, mattoco, I started to watch you're first video, but the second it got to footage of Zack and Cloud from Crisis Core I closed the window. Did that simply because I'm keeping myself from watching any Crisis Core footage before actually playing the game. Just so I know, with that in mind, which videos are safe for me to watch? EDIT: Sorry Sansana and RyuDeathstrike, I skipped yours too once I saw the CC footage. EDIT: Mindeffects, you're video is top notch, I enjoyed it a lot. The visuals and story flowed very well together with the cuts. I was engaged while watching, nice work. EDIT: Zethzen, hey, think you have the original category in the bag, good thing I didn't enter there, heh. Um, some cuts were a bit harsh timing wise, but I could probably count them on 1 hand. First play through I didn't think the music and visuals reflected each other that much, but I must have been in a daze because the second and third times they did well, and some of the detail helps this a lot. Although it felt like just a montage of fun times in the life of a Wolf it didn't feel like that means it's lacking somehow. Although a lot of transitions worked with the music some seem to ignore it although the transition used draws the eye and feels like it means something more and I'm just always missing something or not understanding it. Those nitty gritties don't stand out in my mind much when watching though, what I feel the strongest is the person who produced it cared about the final product, and it shows.
  11. "Winners will be announced before the end of the year, with the specific date dependent on the number of submissions received." Any luck sticking a pin on which day that may be? It's been a couple days now, I'm excited to see the other entries and the winners among them too.
  12. I take it this is closing up pretty soon, I'm just putting the final touches on my "Chasing the Storm" AMV, turned out pretty well I think. Mine will be in in about 2-20 hours (depending if I get it in before sleep and class). Any idea how many people have submitted so far? EDIT: Alright, video finished off great, and I have finished submitting. JUST in the nick of time! Good luck to everyone who submitted!
  13. Sorry, typo on Rellik. I found his AIM, just going to talk to him when he comes online there, well, I hope. Oh, and that 3000 didn't include any iTunes downloads more than likely, because when submitting the (first) show we didn't know to put a date on it, thinking iTunes would do it. iTunes didn't though, so the date was left empty, thus anyone that subscribed didn't automatically download it (the main feature of subscribing, it downloads it for you when a new show is online, so you don't have to keep checking for new shows). We fixed the date thing on iTunes and now the auto downloading works fine, so the numbers should grow even more yet, plus day to day downloads. Anywho, I was also thinking of asking Piano Squall if I could feature one of his songs, "Vamo'alla Flamenco' on the show. So I could have an OCR song and Piano Squall song all in one show. We're also planning on having a guest on from a big KH site, so they'll likely "plug" the podcast in a news post once it's online to, adding to the shows traffic and popularity (and I'm still, even after this, thinking of new respectable ways to grow the FXN Podcast audience, any suggestions btw?). I'm also writing a letter to DjPretzel about a possible partnership or affiliates, or official recognition that the FXN Final Fantasy XIII Podcast features promanently OCR music (online outside music I'm considering is Piano Squall, which I'm sure you guys are all for to right?).
  14. That almost sounds like the starting of some sort of crazy partnership!?1 Haha For the next show I'm thinking of having a shorter song halfway through the podcast (which will also allow us to have a break! talking for 2 hours straight hurts the throat..heh), maybe around 3 minutes or so. I'm eyeing "Black Wing Metamorphosis (One-Winged Angel)", "Scenes from a Memory (On That Day, Five Years Ago...)" and "Nomura Limit (Fight On!)" as possibilities for sending out requests for. I've also tried to track down Remixer Dellik (I'll guess he's a forum regular with 1600 posts and all, but I don't see any activity since July or so, so I don't know) so I can properly credit him. We used a part of "Chasing the Storm" a song by him off of VotL, for our Podcast Promo but hadn't asked. I want to apologize and ask if we can still use it or not or to take it down. I imagine he won't mind once we give him proper creditting and play it again on the podcast, which I want to do since it's like my favourite tune on the VofL album and my #1 request for the next show's feature song. I just gotta get a hold of the guy! Boy this is fun, to bad the show's are only once a month! Oh yeah, the podcast in one day got almost 3000 downloads, so I think a couple people heard "Too Much Fighting (Fanfare)", haha.
  15. Oh I definately will be asking more remixers. Personally I love VG music and remixes and have like 1.5GBs worth of music from OCR myself.
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