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OCR02095 - *YES* Donkey Kong Country 2 'Tetanus' *RESUB*

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* Your ReMixer name : Hemophiliac

* Your userid (number, not name) on our forums : http://www.ocremix.org/forums/member.php?u=4862

Submission Information

* Name of game(s) arranged : Donkey Kong Country 2

* Name of individual song(s) arranged : Lockjaw's Saga

* Your own comments about the mix: For this remix, I was heavily inspired by a track from the anime Gurren Lagann called "Baf baf! Sonna ni moeru no ga...Suki kai?" I used a similar style and structure to the piece. Orchestral opening building to a break into a gated synth/more percussion driven section. Along with my own flavors added piano and orchestral based percussion rather then electronic based. Getting some of the parts to work right really had me pulling my hair out at times. Enjoy.

old ruling:


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One thing I noticed Chris is doing from the start that scores points is automating dynamics on his parts. Even with less than super-epic-quality strings, it adds a substantial amount of emotive power to the track. Right around 2:00 is just epic. I'm gonna be looping this one. Awesome work!

My vote is the best, mayne. $5 says DJP quotes it in the writeup. :tomatoface:


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