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DKC 2 Mine ReMix

Rom Tom

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One: Wrong place, this should go in the Feedback: Workshop ReMixes section.

Two: I think the arrangement's pretty good, and you embellish on some of the original ideas nice in the areas that you do elaborate on. The main thing for me is the production, it clips pretty much everywhere. Work on the production and I think you'll have a winner here. I didn't go into detail so this is very general but I hope what I said helps. If you want me to go into more detail i'll give you a better opinion if I have time tomorrow I don't have a lot of time usually lol xD.

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Gotta be a real cool dude to remix DKC2's mineshaft theme. I'll take a look.

Piano seems a bit loud and dry; I'd drop the volume a bit and add a delay.

Actually, everything seems too dry. Don't drench it in effects, but a touch of delay and/or reverb on a few of the synths could help a lot.

The whole mix seems a bit treble-heavy. Back off a bit on the higher frequencies.

Noticeable clipping on the pianos.

I'm digging the percussion in the slower section, though it's a bit loud. Could afford to be spiced up a bit, but I like the samples. That snare has some real character.

Biggest issue is definitely mastering; the whole thing is too loud and too treble-heavy. Second biggest issue is that the leads are too dry. Percussion could be brought down a bit, and could really use some more variation. Play around with velocities on it.

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