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  1. This would be one of my fav albums if created, The soundtrack is too epic, however u might wanna search that curse of the iron pipe cuz I think it is a remix itself of an old msx game called ashguine story 2. Still have not managed to beat hell temple
  2. Is this for real? a remix of elemental master, I thought this game was forgotten. You are amazing although I have not listened to it I love it!! XD
  3. Finally another battletoad remix since... zelig it has been so long I'm more then grateful
  4. Yeeeeesssssssss Its been a long time since there was a mario rpg remix on OC Thnx very much, I loved it ^^
  5. Its nice to see that prot has participated its been ages. Well Thanks to everyone for this wonderful mix ^^
  6. I'd like to know who is the girl at the end of the trailer? an anime girl, what's her name? anyone knows plz tell me Thanks Naser
  7. Cannot understand, but the sounds of this mix gives me tears of joy T_T on the other hand great mix!!
  8. Ditto....I'm more than grateful to hear another amazing remix from DigiE Thanks Naser
  9. Loved your ecco remix ;)

    Thanks Naser

  10. Currently thanks to my cousin he is taking care of the artwork here is a sample pic of what the artwork would be like for this album http://hanxopx.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d3jr4ld Plus u may get a clear idea why I chose this title for the album. Hope u all like it. Thanks Naser
  11. Thnx Overcoat, I never knew there was a bonus track..
  12. Hey wanted to tell u that I'm still on this project and I'll be looking forward to ur mix, I was trying to contact many ppl I know for this project, but till now only three replied and sadly they can't join as for the artwork its been settled I've asked my cousin to take care of it. Nothings really new to update though ._.'
  13. Snapple Man is back into remixing!!! My mind is still digesting this awesome information. FF8 isn't my fav however this remix is an exception ;D
  14. Insane entrance on 1:40 I loved the way you put it there, at 2:15 you didn't forget that wonderful rhythm and made the sounds like bells that was purely epic, but I wanted that part to be repeated oh well, however well done
  15. Epic remix from Halc and Chthonic as usuall... lovely sounds from the game too brings back alot of memories from my childhood.
  16. I have the soundtrack but, I don't know how to upload them in this thread, here is the link though http://www.filefactory.com/file/9f5155/ and about the title sry but I'm not willing to change it, I have discussed it with my supporters and it does fit because of what the style of the game and atmosphere its all about techs, targeting, termination...
  17. this is one of my fav remixes in all of ocr plus you made my dream come true I always wanted to hear a remix of this track but no one in the world ever made one personally before hearing any dk remix in my life that was my fav track and atmosphere in the game. Best part of that remix was the Psychedelic part I want more Psychedelic remixes!!!
  18. Not sure but I think "anothersoundscape" knows and may help you out, well done btw I like killer instinct music
  19. The title for the album has been decided and it shall be "Experiment Type A"
  20. Hey thanx for the influence ++ my eyes are now shining with inspiration =D I felt it was a bit wrong posting this thread here sry I was following the rules and I think I may have been misslead somehow, anyway thanks I'll just have to leave this to the mods.. and yes its soundtrack indeed is one of the best shmups ever ^^ Oh riiiight how could I get that wrong O_O thanks for letting me know.
  21. "Experiment Type A" Hey everyone this is my first time on creating something on OCR. I will be initiating this wonderful remix collaboration on the sega genesis game: MUSHA which is also known as Musha Aleste while in the American version they decided to take the word Musha meaning ''warrior'' in jap and changing it to M.U.S.H.A which stands for METALLIC UNIFRAME SUPER HYBRID ARMOR!!! This sounds pretty awesome for an album title ;p I'd like the genres to be mainly metal, but ofcourse I'll be accepting others as welI, also want to say that I prefer non vocal remixes, but if you insist I'll accept if you provide another same remix but without vocals (Instrumental Only) version. Since these seem a bit short therefore I'll be expecting bonus tracks, that is all. These will be the following Tracks for the album: 01-theme of musha aleste 02-fullmetal fighter (Claimed by Tuberz McGee) (Bonus track - Nate Mclain) 03-galvanic gear 04-armed armor 05-devine devise 06-noh spectre 07-offensive overdrive 08-aggresive attack 09-alpha wave 10-for the love of 11-vanish into the night 12-phase of the phantom 13-stratospheric struggle 14-pressure power This game's ost owned in the 90's and in fact still are enjoyable to listen to. Plus there aren't many shmup remixes on OCR so this should refresh the atmosphere =D I'll be looking forward for remixers who are willing to join and I welcome anyone who supports this album and people who support this game and shmups and such. Forgive my Eng for its not my native lang. Thanks Naser
  22. Not just me who loved this but also my 6 year old bro XD he noticed by himself that its a sonic remix:shock: well its now in his blood he'll never forget this wonderful sonic remix collaboration
  23. This remix was undeniably very well performed I heard it over 10 times and still enjoy it.
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