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New Challenge Approaching! Wrapped in Black, Sonic Rush

Remix Challenge

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There is nothing 'special' about my requests...nothing at all. They are only different.

So let's try...


I am especially fond of the beginning of this song, up until :31; after that, the song becomes, in my opinion, too harsh. Following the digression into ear-charring noise, the song becomes music again at 1:00, and even nicer at 1:15 with the re-introduction of the violin.

This is, of course, my personal bias. Even a heavy metal remix of this song would be appreciated, but for this Remix Challenge, considering the song is the Final Battle, the Big Big Boss, of Sonic Rush...

..the Challenge is: Remix this song to be a battle high above the earth--not in space, but in the clouds. The wind is blowing fiercely and the sun is bright. The two heroes Sonic and Blaze stand on air on either side of Robotnik's robot--which hovers over a dimensional rift. Inside this rift lurks Nega-Eggman. When one takes damage, the other takes over, leaving the two super-forms to try to smash one up quicker than the other can repair damage. Soon they decide that one of them should stay in the other dimension, and Blaze is the one to go, seeing as it's her home dimension.

The battle continues. How it ends is up to you, the Remixer.

Digressions into the alternate dimension could be accompanied by a change in the music, of course, but the point of this challenge is to make a softer, more melodic version of the original song. Please try to keep it epic.


If you don't feel like remixing this song, fine.

If you want to remix this song but don't feel like following the Challenge, that's also fine. Like I said, I'd appreciate any remix, because I like this song.

If you decide to remix this song, please PM me when it's finished and if/when accepted to the site.

Also, this is for you:

And just what is so special about you?

Nothing. I am just different. So is everyone else.

the best part is that they haven't posted since they wrote that whole thing.

Well, here you go. Ironically, I'm listening to starbright (under the Moonlight) right now.

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