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  1. Naganuma's soundtrack was brilliant. If someone meets the Wrapped in Black challenge, I'd love to see remixes for, hell, the rest of the soundtrack, too - Back 2 Back, What U Need and A New Day in particular. So much goodness. Must go listen to the originals now.
  2. For the uninitiated, Spelunky's a pretty sweet little Roguelike-platformer hybrid, and it has a great chiptune-style soundtrack.
  3. The opening cinematic has a great tune, too.
  4. It's the most melodic tune from the SoR3 OST, and one of you fine peoples ought to be able to do it justice. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5z80c0elW6A
  5. Man, I certainly feel lucky. And I owe it to OverClocked and its many brilliant contributors, without whom I wouldn't have heard about this contest. Any of you are welcome to drop by my apartment and play it if you like.
  6. At first glance, I thought the characters' proportions were ridiculous, but having seen it in motion I think I understand. The exaggerated proportions match their exaggerated animations, making the whole enterprise feel more consistent if not necessarily more realistic. My only beef now is that the character designs haven't been updated one jot since 1991. The concept art of Guile holding a jacket gave me the false hope that maybe they wouldn't look exactly the same as they have for the past 15 years.
  7. Streets of Rage 3 had its share of awful music - composed, I'm led to believe, by a software program which was designed to randomly generate music - but The Poets II kicks my ass. http://ocremix.dreamhosters.com/songs/original/Streets_of_Rage_3.zip Sexual favors and Pocky to anyone who remixes it.
  8. Yes, but it follows the most grueling, unforgiving climb in the game. A battle against an elderly tuberculosis victim is pretty goddamned welcome at that point.
  9. Sort of a mixed blessing, really. Sure, now that I've beaten the game I sometimes enjoy going back and replaying the Emerald hunting levels, but when I was playing it through for the first time I was endlessly pissed when a hunting level stopped me from getting at the speed-oriented levels I wanted to play at the time.
  10. Marvel Nemesis. The missions are probably the worst things ever - I'm glad that all the game's content can be unlocked through versus mode - and nearly all the non-Marvel characters are depressingly lame, but throwing cars at people never gets old. Especially as Spider-Man or Magneto.
  11. This was one of those songs I had to listen to a couple of times before I decided I liked it. It's not that there's anything wrong with it; it just ventures into territory I wasn't expecting from a Sonic mix. Love the vocals, which are vaguely Dave-Matthewsesque.
  12. I think that Jivemaster's more recent mixes - you know, the stuff he's done within the past six years - amply demonstrate that he's learned how to use a mixer. By all means, criticize the remix... but realize that the remixer has progressed considerably since then. That said, I'm down with Chemical Juice. It's extremely reminiscent of the original, true, but that just ramps up the all-important nostalgia factor.
  13. Mmm. Tasty. It took me a while to "get" The Wingless' music, but once I had a handle on it, I learned to really appreciate it. It's no Aesir or The Wishing Well-- my two favorites-- but it's very, very good.
  14. I prefer an earlier version of this tune. The main instrument doesn't sound so reedy in it as it does here. Either way, it's a damn fine remix-- only I'm hanging onto version 1.0.
  15. Sorry; I'm retarded. It is in fact Nukkus' Kiss the Abyss, an arrangement of the same track, that has been encoded at 48000 Hz. Your own version is perfect.
  16. 'Kay. MP3 format, 44100 Hz. The variable bitrate isn't a problem, but the fact that it's encoded at 48000 Hz prevents me from playing this song on my RioVolt or burning it to an audio CD. I don't intend to make demands of you, Rize, but consider this: my inability to play the song on the go would be a nonissue if it weren't so damn good.
  17. Is there any way this song could be reencoded at 44100? I've tried to do the deed myself in order to fulfill my RioVolt's requirements, but it just isn't working.
  18. Whenever I want to trick a nongamer into admitting he or she likes what I will later reveal to be remixed videogame music, I break out the McVaffe. My classical-elitist aunt fell before the awesome might of the Cutman Sonata. My father was unable to withstand Cammy's London Drizzle, which captures better than any other song a bleak, overcast day in the dingy rats' nest of Olde London. My girlfriend succumbed to Psycho Acoustic/Badass Posse. Today, my primary relationships... tomorrow, the world...
  19. Remember Filter? "Momma give me my medicine that makes me feel like a tall tree" and so forth? Right. The way this tune is... well, filtered makes it sound similar to Filter's body of work.
  20. I have two points to make: 1.) This is classic DiscoDan. 2.) Classic DiscoDan is good. If I have any more earth-shattering, philosophy-redefining points to make, I'll post them here after I've listened to "Metalman Goes Clubbing" a few more times.
  21. Is there a trophy for Most Bizarre Videogame-Related Musical Commentary Ever? If so, you've earned it, buddy-- at least until someone claims that the Legend of Zelda theme can only been done justice with a noseharp and ukulele.
  22. Ah, just found the lyrics on the review page. So very, very nice.
  23. Rather mediocre? The original theme-- from the baseball stadium level, I believe-- happens to be one of my favorites from SoR2. And, lucky me, this and McVaffe's version of the theme have different merits that make them both so very, very worthwhile.
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