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    All the biography I need is a record of my Challenges, so that you may find them without scrolling through copious amounts of pages on the Remix Requests forum:

    General White at War (Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door: General White Fires the Bob-Omb Cannon):

    Battle in the Skies (Sonic Rush: Wrapped in Black):

    False Prophet and Priestess (Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil: Cursed Leorina and Leorina's Theme 2)(Chrono Trigger: Magus' Theme):

    Team Rocket Takeover (HeartGold/Gold: Goldenrod City, The Bike Theme (HG/G), Team Rocket Fanfare (R/B/Y/HG/G), Team Rocket Battle (HG/G)

    Masquerade at Peach's Castle (Super Mario 64: Princess Peach's Castle, Paper Mario: Hang in There, Peach!)

    Not too shabby...

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  1. I don't like most of the Final Fantasy games, to be honest, but the music is fantastic! Of course I'm in it to win it, however unlikely that is! 8D
  2. See, I liked Yoshi's Story's music quite a bit, but Yoshi's Island DS was definitely the first game I played where the music actually bothered me. Usually it's either epic and enriches the experience, or it's boring/lame and I tune it out...but THIS GAME...the same freaking repetitive, boring, crap remixed in every level! In xylophone! *rips ears off* I honestly think they could have done something amazing if they hadn't been so damn lazy, though.
  3. Kaito sings a mean German: Die Schatten Werden Länger. As someone who lives in a household where German is spoken fluently, I can vouch for him. Meiko can sing pretty good English, which Kaito fails at though! Unfortunately I can't find the video I'm looking for though...so you don't get to hear her. ):
  4. You're right. This shall be remedied. Oh, I'm not saying that they would be 'solid remix material alone.' I was thinking that they would be used--like you said--for humorous effects...but also for serious ones, though not the entire song, no... I am also not suggesting that the talented OCR singers should be replaced--but Vocaloid is a virtual instrument that can be used just like any other music program, so I thought I should ask about it.
  5. Ahh, Hatsune Miku, your squeaky, high-pitched voice never ceases to annoy me. Just kidding. I do prefer Kaito, though. This is really a question about OCR, believe it or not. Has anyone here ever used the Vocaloid programs? If you don't know what they are: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vocaloid And would Vocaloids even be considered for use in a video game remix on this site? I mean, I'm not saying no one's thought of it, but I haven't seen any. Is there an unwritten (or even written) rule against it? I am not by any means dissing or..uh...lessening the roles of the talented vocalists already on this site; I consider Vocaloid an instrument, albeit a digital one. It can be played like any other digital instrument. Well, to get the creative juices flowing, here's some examples from each of the Japanese Vocaloids. Keeping in mind that their Video Game songs are generally not as good as their other material, I've included Being an avid Kaito fan, I found him singing to the Deku Palace theme, which, while not a Remix, is what got me thinking in the first place. Kaito has a smooth, deep voice. Also: Deku Palace ftw! Here's a very brief song: Hatsune Miku sings . They toned down her squeakyness, and she sounds pretty. Here is a non-Video Game song by Miku, in a more 'traditional' rendition of her voice: Megurine Luka sings the theme. She is one of the nicer-sounding female Vocaloids, in my opinion, with a softer, more sultry voice. Here's another song by her: Meiko sings Zelda's Lullaby. This song doesn't do her justice, but is still pretty nice. She has a more mature voice than Rin or Miku, so here's another short song that does her justice: Wedding Wars. Here are Kagamine Rin and Len singing the Outset Island theme from the Wind Waker. They are the twins with young voices! They are also famous for the Daughter of Evil series, so here's Rin in , and Len in . It sounds a bit silly, since those songs pretty much have them singing 'la la la,' but I think the software has great potential to be used on this site. As one more example, just to demonstrate the versatility of the program in the hands of a skilled user: Kaito sings Take Five. Not a Video Game Remix, but darn cool! So: thoughts? Comments?
  6. Despite it being my favorite game of all time, I never cried in this game. I was grinning the whole time because I was having so much fun! I'd never played a Star Fox game before, so lacking Arwing parts didn't bother me at all. But yeah, I second that!
  7. Far too many, though it likely has something to do with being a girl. Just maybe. But let's do this, shall we? I'll just name the major ones. TLoZ: Majora's Mask: Darmani and Mikau's deaths. The Anju/Kafei sidequest resolution. The Wind Waker: Komali looking for Medli, and, of course, the ending. Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean: Anything with Lyude and {Spoiler} The fight against Kalas and ensuing chaos. {/spoiler} Klonoa: Door to Phantomile: The ending. Bucketloads. Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil: The mirror scene in the Maze of Memories (for personal reasons that I didn't realize at the time but understand in hindsight) and the ending. Shadow of the Colossus: I cried when Agro 'died,' stopped for a while during the last Colossus battle, then picked it right up again all through the ending, though they did change to happy tears when Agro came back. Super Paper Mario: The ending. Still gets me. Super Mario Galaxy: Rosalina's backstory. Of all things Yoshi's Story. The ending music got to me. Those little off-key Yoshi voices...yeah. Bit of an odd line-up, I suppose. I'm sure there's some I'm forgetting, since I've played a lot of games in my life. There are also a lot that I'm seeing submitted like the Final Fantasies, but sad to say the only FF I have played is FFIII DS. There are a few other things where I've teared up a bit, like Cave Story or Chrono Cross, but I was literally crying my eyes out with those on the list. Also the Link's Awakening Manga. Does Homestuck of MSPA count? I tend to tear up a bit in all endings, but I don't think that counts.
  8. The first game I played: Pokemon Blue. The first 3D game? ....yeah. It was A Bug's Life. My dad bought me an N64 and that game. Fortunately my mom got me Banjo-Tooie shortly thereafter, and thus began my rise to nerd-dom. Hmm...I should do a Challenge for B-K/B-T music.
  9. 1) Rayman 2) Red from Pokemon 3) Guybrush Threepwood
  10. Wii should have N64 compatibility. It should. Seriously though, I would have to agree with you for the most part, but the Pokemon franchise needs to stop making games with the import-from-GBA-slot feature for that to be entirely true. Come on, you know there's a few million Pokemon fanboys (and girls) wondering if they'll be able to trade up their Swamperts and Blazikens, even if--no especially if they're only into the metagame. That's a big chunk of the fanbase. Either get rid of the feature (and Black and White may very well do that, but those games are trade-compatible with Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/HeartGold/SoulSilver, which are GBA-slot-import-compatible games...so indirectly), or make some sort of GBA-DS/3DS link cable. Is that really so difficult? (it may very well be, or just not worth the effort, and I can see morons putting Pokemon Crystal in their OLD GBA and trying to trade.) Why am I talking about this?! NEW PAPER MARIO! Woo-hoo! But why does that Chain Chomp look like any other Chain Chomp? They always make their partners unique in some way, even if it is just Goomba-with-a-hat Goombario. Maybe--called it--you can recruit enemies from the field? Or maybe they just haven't finalized its design. HAHA Oh well, whatever, NEW PAPER MARIO WOO! And from my friend who grew up with Donkey Kong Country: "GNAAAAAAAAAAAAH" (That is the sound of happiness, if you were wondering. Or the text of happiness, anyway.) Those DKC games are even today her very favorite games, so she's understandably stoked for this new installment that hopefully captures the charm and fun of the originals. Hell, I'm looking forward to it, and I never got past Hot Head Bop in DKC2 (I downloaded it on my Wii and was trying to play it with a GC controller, which when she came over for an awesome party I asked her to help me out with, and even she admitted that the game is damn near impossible with that controller. "I don't think even I could beat it with this controller. Get the Classic!"). I want to experience this Country myself! (But where are the Kremlings?!) And the Zelda--I couldn't be happier! I freaking LOVE Wind Waker (my first Zelda game!) and everything about it, but I was also missing the style of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask (which I played later, of course) though not the outdated graphics. My DKC-loving friend put it most eloquently, "I hope we will end up with something like Majora's Mask- dark even while it was vibrant, macabre even as it was cartoony, like a nightmare, an intense nightmare, but one I'd rather have had than another pleasant dream." Twilight Princess, I suppose, was trying to be all hardcore and do this, but...I was really disappointed with that game for reasons numerous, but the biggest one (and hardest to support) is that it just didn't feel right. It wasn't a fun game, for me personally. Well, I've had an idea (that will never go anywhere, but if you hang around the series long enough things like this happen) for a Zelda game, and I've always envisioned that if I were to make this game (which, like I said, will never happen...there are just way too many obstacles in the way...) I would merge the styles of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. (and have 1:1 motion control) And they did just that! It's like they made it specifically for me! Why...th-thank you! Thank you Nintendo! You're too kind! Seriously though, I wonder how many plot points will be the same with the story I invented for this never-going-to-exist game. It would be crazy if I tapped into the collective consciousness of Nintendo's Zelda department. (Though granted, merging the styles was only a matter of time, and so was 1:1 motion control, so it's not like this came as a huge surprise, just a really, really fantastic one.) Hmm, what else. Epic Yarn looks cute (duh, it's Kirby), but I think I'll rent before buying because while I love Kirby games, this...somehow seems to be a bit too much of a diversion from the series roots for me. We'll see. I'm looking forward to Epic Mickey, and the new Kid Icarus. I never played the original, it was a bit before my time. Man, even the new Sonic game looks good. And yeah, Kingdom Hearts, too... I'd say Metroid (oh wait I just did), but I'm not a Metroid player (blasphemy!), so I'm happy for Metroid fans but it does nothing for me personally. That's enough of that. One little comment on GBA slots became this fangirlish novella of a post. In short, this is a good year for nerds...and for me to get a job so I can finance this habit (read: addiction).
  11. Well, I tend to be pretty coherent, but... Not tonight! I am speechless with wonder! This year is looking to be impossibly exciting! Skyward Sword looks exactly as I hoped they would make their next Zelda game look! I love the merged styles! Once the motion control is not so laggy it'll be amazing! Gentlemanly Red Raptor!
  12. There is nothing 'special' about my requests...nothing at all. They are only different. I was completely floored to find that there were no Remixes of Princess Peach's Castle or ! Well, the Princess is not in another castle--she's in her own, and she's invited anyone who's anyone to her masquerade ball! Of course, who knows who else would come to this fancy shindig? Why yes, you're invited too! I personally really love Hang in There, Peach! and think it would make a great waltz at the ball. Just thought I'd throw it in there. Have fun! If you don't feel like remixing this song, that's just peachy. If you want to remix this song but don't feel like following the Challenge, that's also peachy-keen! Like I said, I'd appreciate any remix, because I like this song. If you decide to remix this song, please PM me when it's finished and if/when accepted to the site.
  13. Haha, yes, I noticed after I checked your profile. ^^' Rather a fail on my part, there. (though it could have been on the actual topic as a link elsewhere...even if it isn't.)
  14. The Damned: Thank you! I've been remarkably unobservant not to know about your project! Halc: Ah, excellent...you remixed which one, now? Well, I'll go listen to it, whatever it is!
  15. There is nothing 'special' about my requests...nothing at all. They are only different. *** Funny story...I was going to challenge this community to make a Star Fox Adventures Remix (since there were not any), and--lo and behold--just the other day one showed up on the front page! It was nearly in the style I was going to request--how convenient! If you're interested, you could remix any track from SFA and proceed to spread the love--but here's The Challenge: it needs vocals! *** All right, that's not the official Challenge, so enough of that. We're celebrating the re-release of Pokemon classics here! I know I was excited... Now, I've heard it said that the Pokemon games don't have much to work from when it comes to their music... ...yeah. While I agree that most Pokemon tuneage is decidedly non-stellar, I have always found it to be enjoyable to listen to--even the comparatively shoddy GameBoy sounds. Now that I've been inspired--certain favorite tunes of mine (why would I make this glorified request if I didn't like the song?) have been remastered on the DS--I decided it was high time for another Challenge! *** So, here are the songs, in their old and new versions for you to pick and choose from: Goldenrod City: , HeartGold/SoulSilver The Bike Theme: , HG/SS Team Rocket/Creepy Trainer Fanfare: Red and Blue Version, Team Rocket Fanfare: (starts at 4:41) Team Rocket Battle: , HG/SS*** So, my opinions on the songs? (Feel free to scroll past this if you like...but some of it's important if you're following the Challenge.) I like both versions of Goldenrod City equally, and they are my favorite songs from this game, and they're in my top three for the series. Many people dislike or outright hate the new version, but I like it because it's more upbeat, and because it's tropical--Goldenrod is a city by the sea, after all, and being the largest city in Johto, it's probably a resort town. The Bicycle theme is just a faster Goldenrod City. I like the old school version better because it's more childish. The new one sounds like you're biking in a triathlon or something. The Team Rocket Fanfare from R/B/Y is extremely simple, but the thing is...when you hear it, you know the guy you're fighting is a shady character. It's distinctive, and it's on the list because it could possibly be used, not necessarily because it will be used. All right! Team Rocket returns! This theme celebrates the takeover of Goldenrod City and the triumph of Team Rocket. I like the HG/SS version better--it's louder, more bombastic, and more fun in my opinion. I put the battle themes in there just in case you wanted more material. *** So, what's the Challenge? You've got all the materials you need to... ...take over Goldenrod City! Yes, you, Team Rocket, will seize power. On a clear day, when no one suspects anything, you will strike, like a vengeful Seviper! People will cower in their homes as you stalk the streets, your members guarding the gates from unwanted visitors (I'm looking at you, Lyra!). No one can stand up to your combined might, and the city falls all too soon. They barely put up a fight. Victory is yours! ...or is it? *** Well, that's for you, the Remixer, to decide. Is it a success? Do they take over only to be thwarted by a few spunky pre-teens? Or does Giovanni himself come out of hiding and lead Team Rocket into a golden age of power? Start out with some cheery Goldenrod tunes to fake people out before going into the sinister mafia tunes that make the Team Rocket of the games so sinister. Feel free to make them even more sinister, in fact! They need all the help they can get! If you don't feel like remixing this song, fine. If you want to remix this song but don't feel like following the Challenge, that's also fine. I'd appreciate any remix, because I like this song. If you decide to remix this song, please PM me when it's finished and if/when accepted to the site. I can't wait to hear it!
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